Neatline Antique Maps
Original antique maps produced from the 15th to mid-20th centuries
International Slide Rule Museum
ISRM is the world's largest free digital repository of all things concerning slide rules and other math artifacts.
True Size of Africa
Graphic layout of the world's countries overlayed on the continent.
NOAA Central Library
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Special Publications.
The Corner Corner
Places where three or more states or provinces meet at a point.
Consett’s Terris Novalis
High up on the edge of the moors in County Durham, on the site of a former steelworks, is the most powerful piece of public art in Britain.
The Surveyors: Charting America's Course
Travel through time and across a growing nation with the visionary scientists and intrepid explorers of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.
The CURTA Calculator Page
The Austrian Calculating Machine Manufacturing Company.
USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer
Explore a location to see a list of Historical US Geological Survey Maps.
Museo Galileo - Virtual Museum
One of the foremost international institutions in the History of Science. A specialized library, archives, multimedia, photographic and restoration laboratories.
Department of the Geographer to the Army, 1777-1783
The purpose of the Department of the Geographer is to accurately portray a working interpretation of the Department during the period from 1777 to 1783.
U. S. Corps Of Topographical Engineers
A living history group portraying the history and techniques of the Corps from its inception through the Civil War.
Co. B 3rd Regiment Confederate Engineers
The role of the Engineers in the War Between the States. Co B 3rd Regt has a large collection of period instruments, books and maps.
Time and Navigation
The Untold Story of Getting From Here to There - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
State Rules, Regulations and Statutes, Education, Statutes, and Technical Standards.
The celebration of the life and times of Jeremiah Dixon
Site created in 2013 for the 250th anniversary of the start of the drawing the Mason Dixon line in 1763.
The Entire History of the World In a Gorgeous Chart
The chart emphasizes domination, using color to show how the power of various "peoples" evolved throughout history.
Antique & Scientific Instruments U.K.
Antique microscopes, telescopes, surveying levels & theodolites, barometers & barographs, nautical compasses, octants & sextants, globes & maps, and more for sale.
The Museum of Measurement and Time
Open since October 28, 2010, exhibits of Land Surveying, Clocks and various measuring devices are on display. Surveyors and clock collectors are especially welcome.. You Tube Video
Strange Maps
A collection and commentary on all kinds of intriguing maps-real, fictional, and what-if's.
NOAA History
200 years of America's Science and Service: 1807-2007. An intrinsic part of the History of the United States and the development of its science and commercial infrastructure.
NOAA Photo Library   NOAA Central Library
The Prime Meridian
Antiquarian maps and related books (atlases, history of cartography, selected reference books, etc). An array of focused reference and resource information, for the collector and enthusiast.
Hydro International Magazine
Hydro International publishes artices by leading hydrographers on the state of the market, technical issues and national and international policies.
TVA Map & Photo Records
TVA Map & Photo Records has been the central repository for this geographical data since 1940. The area covered includes the entire Tennessee River drainage basin and the TVA power service region.
Digital History
Links to Historic Maps: "So Much More Than Just a Map". Designed and developed to support the teaching of American History and contains resource guides for 44 historical eras and topics.
The Arizona Historical Society Library and Archives
Four regional repositories actively collect and preserve manuscripts, maps, personal papers, photographs, films, oral histories, books and other materials that chronicle the history of Arizona, the West and Northern Mexico as it pertains to Arizona.
North Carolina Maps
A comprehensive, online collection of historic maps of the Tar Heel State containing over 1,500 maps, ranging in date from the late 1500s to the 1970s.
Washington State University Libraries
More than 600 maps online, predominantly of the Pacific Northwest and, more particularly, of Washington State. It extends back into the sixteenth century.
Alaska's Digital Archives
A wealth of historical photographs, albums, oral histories, moving images, maps, documents, physical objects, and other materials from libraries, museums and archives throughout our state.
Nebraska's Historical Markers
The early surveyors who laid out the public land system are chronicled in Jerry Penry's exploration of the oldest and rarest geodetic monuments in Nebraska.
The World of Plumb Bobs
Explore collections of one of the oldest tools of the surveying and construction trades. Exhibitions, galleries, meetings, publications, and many excellent images featured.
National Maritime Museum Collections
A collection of over 2 million objects about the sea, ships, astronomy and time. Collections Online gives you access to over 12,000 of these.
Bill Weikel's Adventure
Reenactors lay out the first meridian and base lines in Montana on a limestone hill southwest of Three Forks, Montana.
Colvin Crew
Champion of the NYS Forest Preserve who was instrumental in the creation of the Adirondack Park through his position as Superintendent of NYS Land Surveys (1872-1900)
The American Surveyor Map Collection
A collection of over 150 US historical maps, reproduced on acid free archive-quality paper. Hand-selected for their beauty and historical significance.
Society for the History of Discoveries
Geographical discovery, voyages of exploration, maritime history, maps, cartography, mapping, European expansion and colonial settlement.
Colonial Instruments
The surveying artifacts that remain today from the colonial period of our country's history are important as historical representations of the art of the colonial instrument maker.
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation seeks to connect people and place in the spirit of Lewis and Clark.
Scientific Instrument Society
The SIS was founded in 1983 to bring together people with a specialist interest in scientific instruments ranging from precious antiques to electronic devices only recently out of production.
Washington Map Society
The purpose of the Washington Map Society is to support and promote map collecting, cartography and cartographic history.
National Road Associations - Illinois
The road that built the nation beginning in Cumberland, Maryland with its terminus in Vandalia, Illinois.
Fellow Associations: Indiana | Ohio | Pennsylvania
Lincoln Highway Association
Celebrating the first road across America. Discover the landscape and attractions along the Lincoln Highway as it winds its way from New York to San Francisco.
Ames Instrument Company
Fine reproduction instruments manufactured in America producing a variety of instruments, usable and accurate for specific purposes.
Union Pacific Rail Road Museum
One of the oldest corporate collections in the nation that trace the development of the transcontinental railroad and the American West..
Central Pacific Rail Road Museum
A wide selection of CPRR, UPRR digitally restored period stereoviews and photographs, engravings, illustrations, maps, exhibits,etc.

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