Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Teleconference
November 8, 2015 (v.2- 1-18-16)
Recording Secretary: Crattie
Meeting convened: 2:00 pm EDT
Present: Leu (Presiding), Besch, DeMeyer, Denny, Okuley, Shomper, Weikel, Gilpin, Crattie, Langelan
1) Approve minutes of meeting of September 9, 2015 (Ferndale, WA)
Motion: Denny; Second: Besch
2) Financial report: Following Rendezvous, Gilpin sent report to Weikel. Weikel wishes to study in depth. Bottom line: we are solvent. $6600 spent on 2016 Rendezvous so far. From this point forward, Rendezvous monies will be included in general fund. A full report from Weikel will be forthcoming via email.
Director Reports
1) Besch: 2018 Rendezvous later
2) DeMeyer: Thor Hanson working on local museum exhibit. SHS monies still support Northwest survey efforts.
3) Denny: later
4) Leu: later
5) Okuley: nothing
6) Shomper: Gave presentation on M&D to Maryland surveyors. Also spoke of the dedication of the Independence Hall M&D instrument. A suggestion for 2018 England trip-Jon Peacock-go to Durham (Jerry Dixon's home). 2-1/2 to 3 hour one way train trip from London. This excursion would require a full day on the schedule.
7) Weikel: nothing
8) Gilpin: later
2017: DeMeyer-written report submitted. DeMeyer personally thanked all that participated as well as the venue, transportation, food etc providers
2016: Jim Vianna-written report submitted. Milton will display the Bamburg. Field operations will be prominent at this meeting.
More to follow on 2016 and 2017
Nominating Committee: Langelan and Trietsch- nothing has been done. May 1st is the "drop dead" date.
Unfinished Business
1) California Corporation Issue: Gilpin -still in process; not surprising, dealing with the system.
2) Bilby Tower Historical Marker: We were approved. Dedication in fall or late 2016. Committed: $2500
3) Certificate for Lincoln Boundary Oak pens: Denny has done a great deal of research. He is drafting a letter explaining the details of the remainder of and our acquisition of the wood. He is also preparing a Certificate of Authenticity. Denny and Leu will sign. We'll send them out and put this issue to bed.
4) Membership List: Gilpin- Current membership: Regular=244; Charter=10; Life=18;Corresponding (free)=50; A total of 75 requested "US Mail" for directories. All other members will receive paper invoices with their postcard and PDF Directory. Leu is to work with Gilpin to adjust the quantity of printed hard copies being mailed out.
5) Instrument collection and library move: Denny and Leu made a report on the successful and efficient move of both collections. Roger Woodfull still has some early California corporate paperwork. Gilpen will go to Rogers and attempt to clean out every SHS item, including the T. Jefferson land grant.
Motion: Reimburse Denny $1663 out of pocket to finance the relocation of the collections.
Motion: Weikel; Second Shomper. Motion carried.
A side note: Leu will send a note to all non-member attendees of Rendezvous, 2015, thanking them for attending and inviting each to become a member of SHS.
Another side note: DeMeyer - a recommendation to consider written reports by folks (when applicable) for review prior to meeting. May make our meetings go faster and be more meaningful.
New Business
1) Advertising in American Surveyor-Langelan: reported need to reach out to surveyors to promote SHS. AmSurv: $2250 for one year small ads plus 3 larger ones for Rendezvous promotion. General discussion on promotional methods. No action.
At this point, the agenda was adjusted:
Rendezvous, 2017: Leu and Langelan went to Massachusetts. Rich spent 3-4 days, went to many venues. Three year lead up ongoing (locally) on Thoreau's work and life. Five possible hotels have been narrowed down to three.
Motion: That Rendezvous, 2017 be held in the vicinity of Walden and Concord, MA.
Motion: Shomper; Second: Okuley. Motion carried.
2) Standing Rendezvous Committee -Leu: Langelan brought up travel compensation for visits to various venues. Reimbursement? Part of a mission statement for a Rendezvous committee. Again, we need a prepared written guidance-procedural manual.
3) Disposition of SHS collection and library: Denny suggested auction items. Use the proceeds for the Special Projects fund. Denny and Crattie will be lead persons. Leu, Gilpin, Crattie and Denny will prepare a report.
4) Calender of Events: Weikel is working one up. What is to be included? Backsights issue arrival, dues deadline, nomination deadlines, votes. Crattie will contact Mary Root to get a framework on article submission deadlines, printing dates etc.
5) Website- DeMeyer: Budget? Nothing specific. The last billing from Joel Cheves for the last annual billing cycle was $1800.
6) Magazine subscription and mail forwarding: Woodfill continues forwarding to Melinda and Crattie. With notification, this should cease.
7) Backsights Magazine: DeMeyer has concerns about format. DeMeyer will follow up via email.
Meeting adjourned.

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