Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Conference Call

MAY 7, 2019
ver 1.0 (May 11, 2019)-final
Commenced: 11:04 AM Eastern
Presiding: Rich Leu
I. Call to Order
1. Quorum declared. Those present: Ann Besch, Denny DeMeyer, Richard Leu, Brooks Miller, Jim Vianna, Bill Weikel, Melinda Gilpin. Absent: Milton Denny
2. Crattie appointed recording secretary.
II. Approval of Agenda
Motion: Miller; Second: Besch; Motion approved
III. Approval of Minutes
Motion: Vianna; Second: Weikel; Motion approved
IV. Reports
1. Director's Reports:
a. Besch: University of Akron students came in first place at the national survey completion held by NSPS in April at Arlington, Virginia. The Ohio Valley Frontier Days will be held at Fort Stuben in June.
b. DeMeyer: no report at this time. More to follow on Rendezvous, 2019.
c. Miller: Attended the MS/LA joint surveyors meeting in Vicksburg in February. Handed out SHS materials and recruited members. See email attached.
d. Vianna: No formal report. Colvin Crew continues recovery of monuments of Colvin and the US C&GS. Meeting this Saturday.
e. Weikel: Will present in Walla Walla. Mullan Days and on Lewis and Clark.
f. Gilpin: Insights and Backsights to go out early next week (May 13/14 +/-)
2. Committee Reports:
a. Rendezvous, 2019: Discussion on PDH’s/CEU’s. DeMeyer will appoint someone to take this responsibility. Much discussion over logistics of food offerings. Bio’s, registration etc will be out shortly.
b. Australia, 2020: a promotional eblast will go out in a month or so. Currently 19 folks are interested. Provide time to John Brock at the SLC banquet in September.
c. Library Inventory: The Roots will be in Chattanooga the latter part of May. The inventory should be completed at that time.
d. Rendezvous manual: After some clean up, the current version will be relayed to the membership for comment.
e. Special Projects Fund: Two “leave behind” projects are planned for the Salt Lake City area promoting Land Surveying history.
f. Washington/St. Helena Initial Point: no report
g. Recovery of missing items: no report
h. Nominations: eblast and appeal in Insights for volunteers to serve on the BoD. Those up for re-election: Besch, Leu and Denny.
i. California Corporation Report: Weikel submitted a written report (attached).
3. Financial Report: Weikel. Revenues appear a little low. This will pick up significantly when renewals are mailed out. Gilpin is cancelling the current e-renewal provider.
V. Unfinished Business
1. Review DeMeyer’ BoD Agreement: tabled
2. Rendezvous 2020 and beyond.
Motion by Miller: That Ann Besch and Melinda Gilpin co-chair, host and organize the 2020 SHS Rendezvous to be held in Toledo, Ohio. Second: DeMeyer. Motion approved. Informal discussion on Lisa and Les Van Horn’s offer to hold 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the advantages of holding 2022 in Texas with Henry Mayo being the organizer/host.
VI. New Business
1. Future of SHS Equipment Collection: A policy needs to be enacted as to what we wish to have in our collection. It is important to define why we would say yes to an offer of a donation from the public. If the item does not fit within the scope of our collecting ideals, we must say no. The final decision would be left to the collection committee, based on established guidelines. Also, if any items from the collection are sold, the monies generated must be used for something related to the collections.
2. Status of the request for assistance with the Empire State Building film: Mary Root, Dave Doyle and Rich Leu all sent information. The final reply was that SHS “hit the nail on the head” with the information provided.
VII. Next Meeting: September 18, 2019 – Salt Lake City, Utah
VIII. Meeting adjourned at 12:55.

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