Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Teleconference

January 7, 2019
Convened 11:02AM, Eastern
I. Call to Order
1. Quorum declared by Chairman Leu. Those present: Besch, DeMeyer, Denny, Leu, Miller, Vianna, Weikel and Gilpin.
2. Crattie appointed recording secretary.
II. Approval of Agenda
Motion: Miller; Second: Besch; Motion approved
III. Approval of Minutes
Motion: M. Denny; Second: Besch; Motion approved.
IV. Reports
1. Director's Reports:
a. Besch: nothing to report
b. DeMeyer: written and attached
c. Denny: Nine surveyors have volunteered to measure particular portions of the Washington meridian, the St. Helena meridian and the Ellicott line. Currently on hold for hunting season.
e. Miller: Will attend the Mississippi meeting in February and promote, recruit SHS. M.Denny will work with Miller passing out Backsights, flyers and applications.
f. Vianna: no report, things are very busy in New York
g. WeikelWeikel’s son took possession of two donated electrotapes in New Mexico. Weikel will pick them up on his next trip.
h. Crattie: no report
h. Gilpin: written and attached
2. Committee Reports:
a. Rendezvous, 2018: Besch and Gilpin – Nothing to report
b. Rendezvous, 2019: DeMeyer and Weikel to make a visit to Salt Lake City in late January. A report will follow that visit.
c. Rendezvous, 2020: Lisa Van Horn; Green Bay, Wisconsin: request more detailed information before a final decision is made. Send Rendezvous guidelines and poll to the Van Horns.
d. Rendezvous, 2021-Mayo: send same packet to Henry Mayo.
e. Australia, 2020: John Brock: Milton suggests we provide Brock a realistic number of potential attendees to work with. Brock did request that each personally respond to him for planning. Gilpin is to do an eblast to the membership. Also, the BoD will need to see a number for the registration fee.
f. Library inventory: no progress by Crattie
g. Rendezvous Manual & Objectives: Kudos to DeMeyer. The BoD thanks him for his excellent work. Following some minor fine tuning, the document will be released. Next step is to make up an application form. Written report is attached.
h. Special Projects Fund: DeMeyer - report was written and is attached.
i. St. Helena/Washington Initial Point-reported earlier.
j. Recovery of missing items: M. Denny has been attempting to make contact. Will keep trying.
k. Nominations: Vianna requests additional nominees. Three folks are up for re-election: Leu, Denny and Besch.
l. California Corporation Revival- Weikel: After fall, Weikel revived his efforts to resolve. Much, much paperwork required. Weikel believes he’s on the cusp of resolving and that he is in the last steps of the process.
3. Financial Report: Weikel. Financial reports attached. Motion to approve the 2019 budget made by Weikel, second: DeMeyer; Motion approved.
V. Unfinished Business
1. Review DeMeyer’sBoD Agreement – remains tabled
2. Revocation of Federal 501©3 Exemption: Now resolved. Donations are tax deductible.
3. Policies for announcing the deaths of members: Gilpin will eblast Board members on being notified of a death. Board will decide. The family’s will be contacted for permission.
4. Policy of comped registration for Rendezvous: Keep it up to the discretion of the Rendezvous organizers. They can put it in their budget. Cheves will receive registration in exchange for the advertising in American Surveyor magazine.
5. BoD Retreat: a “retreat” will be held from 8am – 12pm at the Salt Lake City meeting. The BoD meeting will be from 1pm to 4pm. (September 18, 2019)
VI. New Business
1. Approve payment to Bart Crattie of $400 for 2019 Collection Storage: Motion: M. Denny; Second: Vianna; Motion approved.
2. Status of Cubic Electro-Tape donation – covered earlier
3. 2023 Missouri/Kansas/Oklahoma Bicentennial Meeting – covered earlier.
VII. Next Meeting – May, 2019 via teleconference.
VIII. Meeting adjourned: 1:20 PM

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