Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Teleconference

January 10, 2018
Convened 11:01 AM, Eastern
Finalized February 4, 2018
I. Call to Order
A. Quorum declared. Present: Besch, DeMeyer, Denny, Leu, Okuley, Vianna, Weikel and Gilpin.
B. Crattie appointed recording secretary.
II. Agenda. Motion: DeMeyer; Second: Denny. No additions or revisions. Approved
III. Approval of September 13, 2017 minutes (Concord meeting). Motion: DeMeyer; Second: Besch. Motion approved.
IV. Reports
A. Directors
a. Besch: written
b. Demeyer: written
c. Denny: Working on the last un-monumented nation-wide initial point for the Rendezvous (in Alabama). Rendezvous held in Indiana was a success, may become an annual event.
d. Leu: written
e. Okuley: no report
f. Vianna: Along with DeMeyer, they have prepared a poll for members regarding Rendezvous and future Rendezvous. New York conference is next week, Colvin Crew will do a presentation similar to that presented at the 2016 Rendezvous. They are doing a presentation at a local High School (dog and pony show) showing surveying equipment and techniques. In the spring and fall they actually do field excercises.
g. Weikel: nothing beyond other reports for this meeting.
B. Committee Reports
1. Rendezvous, 2017, Concord, MA: Leu. A Rendezvous, 2017 After-Action Report was presented by Leu giving a thorough explanation of reasons for a financial loss for the Society to consider in the future in Rendezvous planning. Leu, David Ingram and Lorna Hainesworth contributed substantial sums to assure the loss would not be as great as it was.
2. Rendezvous, 2018, New Orleans, LA: Besch. Appears to be much enthusiasm nation-wide. No hindrances similar to the 2017 event are expected. In the center of dining and tourism in New Orleans. PDH application for LA was granted for the Mobile event and is still in force. Ways have been devised to prevent hotel registration without event registration. Remember Federico, the hotel concierge, he is a friend of SHS. Working on securing our tour buses being on the "Hop on/Hop off" buses. Great savings and interesting bus rides. The auction will be replaced by an ongoing raffle.
3. Rendezvous, 2019, Salt Lake City, UT: DeMeyer. Written report. Coming along well. The hotel has been secured at $109/night.
4. England, 2018, London and vicinity: DeMeyer. DeMeyer has taken over for Dave Holland. RICS, at this time, does not have any formal events planned. What DeMeyer now envisions is he and Delores are going to England. Any members wishing to also go, are invited to join up with the DeMeyers to visit the many sites they have planned to visit in England.
5. Australia, 2020: Brock. Nothing at this time. On a side note: no 2020 Rendezvous event planned at present, possibly Texas.
6. Nominations: Vianna. DeMeyers and Okuley's terms are up. Will find another person for the committee and have nominees by the deadline.
C. Financial Report:
Weikel. Written report submitted. Much discussion on budget in general, as well as Rendezvous profits.
V. Unfinished Business:
A. Inventory of SHS Library. No progress made by Crattie
B. Review of DeMeyer's BoD agreement - Tabled
C. Promote ISPLS Rendezvous by Crattie - completed
D.Affiliate Policy: Gilpin. Gilpin received the existing affiliate reports from Roger Woodfill last week. Gilpin will distribute to the Board for consideration for the next teleconference. There was a great deal more discussion on affiliates and local, regional Rendezvous.
E./L. Combined: Rendezvous objectives and the Rendezvous poll. Board is to review the poll and make conmments by the end of January, 2018. Poll will then be sent out electronically to the membership, with periodical reminders. DeMeyer and Vianna will compile results for presentation at the May teleconference.
F. Strategic Plan: entire BoD. SP will be distributed for review at the NOLA Rendezvous. Postponed for now.
G. /D. Combined. Committee to formulate Affiliate Policy: Leu will set up a committee following Gilpin distributing Strategic Plan
H. Calendar of Events: Entire BoD and Gilpin. Bottom Line: need content.
I. Recovery of missing items from SHS collection: Root and DeMeyer. DeMeyer is upset, no patience, the entire situation is a mess. We must do due diligence to explain the matter. Leu is following up with Lisa Van Horn, Director for NSPS for Wisconsin. Wisconsin received many items from the Museum of Surveying upon its demise. It was suggested someone visit Woodfill to review the lists of items, to be compiled by Leu and DeMeyer, seeking an explanation. Weikel suggested Jeff French to visit Roger to go over this list. Leu will work with French to arrange a meeting for them all.
J. Members only section on website: Gilpin, Crattie. Set up, need content. Suggested content was the Membership Directory and a searchable file of all Backsights.
K./E./L. All pretty much combined. Again, much discussion on holding regional Rendezvous.
M. Later in the meeting.
VI. New Business
A. 2018 Budget. Rendezvous expenses are a part of the budget and in reality are a large portion of the line item for Administration.
B. Format and delivery for SHS eBlasts. An example will be sent out as "direction" for future content. Eblast will become an additional benefit to the members. Interesting historical features will be covered. Need content.
C. New sources of revenue. Action Item. This was added to prompt the BoD and members to begin thinking of additional sources of income because there is a trend of declining membership with the greying of the members and little enthusiasm for history in the younger folks.
VII. M. California Corporation Issue:
Weikel, Gilpin and Leu. Written, updated report submitted. It is important that all of the BoD read thoroughly. To resolve means a tremendous amount of work attempting to recover financial records back to the beginning. The bottom line is that for some years, it appears that there are no records. Weikel has done a tremendous amount of work in this recovery and it is ongoing. We need records for 2008 and 2011 for certain.
VIII. Next meeting will be a teleconference in May, 2018; time and date to be decided.
IX. Meeting adjourned at 1:44 PM Eastern

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