Surveyors Historical Society
2017 General Membership Meeting

Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center
Boxborough, Massachusetts
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
I. Meeting was called to order at 8:08 PM
a. Directors present: Besch, DeMeyer, Denny, Leu, Okuley, Shomper, Weikel
b. Crattie appointed recording Secretary
c. a quorum was declared
d. Special Rules were adopted: Chairman's option to recognize unscheduled speakers and to take agenda items out of order.
e. Item was added at IV-California Corporation
f. Motion to approve agenda by Chas Langelan, second by Herb Stoughton; Motion carried
II. Minutes
a. Motion to approve Minutes from the September 28, 2016 general membership meeting in Lake George, NY by Herb Stoughton, second by Langelan; Motion carried.
b. The Board of Directors met via teleconference on April 16, 2017 and July 9, 2017. The approved minutes of these meetings are available on the SHS website.
III. Reports
a. Directors Activity Reports
1. Ann Besch: written
2. Denny DeMeyer: written
3. Milton Denny: written, also discovered Thomas Freeman was an officer in a Louisiana Militia Company through work in the Alabama archives
4. Rich Leu: written, also see article in August XYHt magazine about Ecuador trip
5. Steve Okuley: two weeks at the Boy Scout Jamboree; teaching merit badge
6. Jim Shomper: nothing
7. Bill Weikel: two re-enactments, display with 13 different chains, also two hour presentation on surveying, platting and instruments 1864-1889
b. Staff and Officer' Report
1. Joel Cheves - Crattie gave verbal, we need content
2. Mary Root, Backsights editor: been editor 26 years, run out of subjects? No, just today, two new subjects came up. Root shared a chart of topics etc to go into the next edition. Next cover: Charles Davies, very exciting issue.
3. Bart Crattie, Secretary: nothing
4. Melinda Gilpin, Executive Director: thanks to everyone.
c. Individual Member's Activity Reports
1.Lorna Haynesworth reported on activities with the Lewis and Clark Eastern Legacy group, the National Road in Maryland, the Library of Congress Bookfest and "Walden, the Game".
2.Duane (Doc) Brown: reported on Claremont Farm in Barryville, WV. Doc is in charge of historic surveys. October 21 Doc and others are to do demos on historic surveying in colonial times.
3. Rick Casteel - WV: Mason and Dixon event in Morgantown, WV October 13- 15. End of the Mason and Dixon line. A monument was erected with the centerline being a remnant of an original crownstone. The monument design and components are based on the numbers 16.5, 33 and 66. All school within 30 miles have been invited. The furtherest west a monument was placed. Commemoration of the Warriors Path.
d. Committee Reports
1. Surveyors Tour of England, 2018-Dave Holland: Holland has been making initial arrangements with James Cavenaugh, member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The tour will not be a start to finish comprehensive, one price tour. Instead, there will be a central hotel with organized events. Air travel is up to the individual. It is estimated that the cost will be $2500-3000 per individual.
2. Surveyors Tour of Australia, 2020-John Brock: Brock talked of Revere, Daws and Prescott, the riders alerting the colonials that the British Army was on the march toward Concord and Lexington. Daws father will be a topic along with these other topics- 250th anniversary of James Cook (also a surveyor) landing, preliminary program includes five days of celebration of the Cook event, monuments are being erected at many locations, the Sydney Bridge survey and the Oprah House survey.
e. Rendezvous Updates and/or proposals
1.Rendezvous, 2016 (Lake George, NY) Jim Vianna: see BoD minutes
2. Rendezvous, 2017 (Concord, MA) Dave Ingram: going fine, 120-125 registrants
3. Rendezvous, 2018 (New Orleans, LA) Ann Besch: will make a video presentation at the Banquet.
4.Rendezvous, 2019 (Salt Lake City, UT) Denny DeMeyer: see BoD report, the DeMeyers have met with the Utah surveyors. There are many 150th anniversary survey related events in Utah history.
5. Rendezvous, 2020 - open
6. Financial Report: prepared report was presented; Weikel also delivered an oral report. It was suggested that the financial reports be logged on the members only section of the website. BR>
V. New Business
a. Bill Weikel and Jim Vianna were installed as the 2017-2020 Board of Director members.
b. Leu will appoint a nominating committee and report at a later date.
VI. Unfinished Business
a. California Corporation Status- a comprehensive report was prepared and presented by Bill Weikel . It will be available on the members only section of the SHS website. There was a question and answer session until all members questions were addressed.
VII. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM

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