Surveyors Historical Society

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
Wednesday, September 12, 2018-8:00 P.M. CDT
VER 2.0-August 29, 2019-final
I. Call to Order
a. Roll Call of Board of Directors
All present with the exception of Jim Vianna
b. Crattie appointed Recording Secretary
c. A quorum of the membership was declared by Chairman Leu
d. Special Rules of Order were adopted by the Chairman
a.i. Chairman’s option to recognize unscheduled speakers
a.ii. Chairman’s option to take agenda items out of order
e. Motion to approve the Agenda by James Shomper, Pennsylvania; Seconded by “Doc” Brown, West Virginia
    Motion Passed
II. Minutes
a. Motion to approve minutes from Membership Meeting at Concord, MA (September 13, 2017)
Motion by Palmer Hedley, Rhode Island; Second by Chas Langelan, Maryland;
Motion Passed
b. The Board of Directors met via teleconference on January 10, 2018 and May 3, 2018. Minutes for teleconference meetings were approved in an earlier Board of Directors meeting and are to be listed on the website.
III. Reports
a. Director’s Activity Reports:
a.i. Ann Besch-written report presented to the BoD
a.ii. Denny DeMeyer - do
a.iii. Milton Denny - do
a.iv. Richard Leu – reported on the joint SHS/NSPS P.O.B. monument to Thoreau placed at the Thoreau Farm with assistance from Dave Ingram
a.v. Steve Okuley-no report
a.vi. Jim Vianna – absent
a.vii. Bill Weikel - No
b. Staff and Officer’s Reports
b.i. Joel Cheves, webmaster – not present
b.ii. Mary Root, Backsights editor – written report with correspondence
b.iii. Bart Crattie, Secretary - none
b.iv. Melinda Gilpin, Executive Director - none
c. Individual Members’ Activity Reports
c.i. Joseph Clayton, Missouri - 2023 Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri to hold a joint meeting. Hope to have SHS and NSPS participate to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the west line of Missouri
c.ii. Lisa Van Horn, Wisconsin – reported on the Wisconsin surveyors participation in establishing an outdoor venue to monument the point of intersection of the 45N Lat/90W Long.
d. Committee Reports:
d.i. Surveyors Tour of Australia 2020 – Brock: scheduled for April. It will mark the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s initial visit to Australia. Brock has secured a very fine hotel for $105 USD/daily. Many subjects including control within Sydney, NSW.
e. Rendezvous updates and/or proposals
e.i. Rendezvous 2017 (Concord, MA) – Ingram: wrapped up
e.ii. Rendezvous 2018 (New Orleans, LA) –Besch
e.iii. Rendezvous 2019 (Salt Lake City, UT) – DeMeyer-a detailed and elaborate presentation will be made at the Friday night banquet.
e.iv. Rendezvous 2020 – Open
e.v. Rendezvous 2021 – (Texas) Henry Mayo – a written report was submitted as well as Henry speaking on Texas events that would make great subjects. It is tentatively to be held in the College Station, TX area.
IV. Unfinished Business
a. Members Only section on website - discussion
V. New Business
a. 2018 – 2021 directors installed
a.i. Denny DeMeyer
a.ii. Brooks Miller
b. Leu to appoint nominating committee - Director positions open: Milton Denny, Ann Besch, Rich Leu
VIII. Adjourn

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