2013 Spring Meeting of the
Surveyors Historical Society Board of Directors
April 20, 2013 - Schrank Hall South
University of Akron; Akron, Ohio

June 1, 2013 - Crattie, acting Recording Secretary

I    Meeting called to order 9:00 am
        All members of the Board were in attendance: Besch, Crattie, Langelan, Leu, Okuley, Teter, Weikel. Also present were Roger Woodfill, Administrator and Mike Besch, guest.
        Crattie was appointed recording secretary for the day.
II    There were no minutes or financial reports to be read from the previous meeting.
        Motion by Langelan to accept Financial Report (Woodfill). As of March 31,2013: Checking acct: $ 8617.23; Savings acct: $46,671.71. Seconded by Teter
        Motion Passed
III    Motion by Okuley to approve budget submitted by Woodfill. Second by Teter
        Much discussion on membership numbers fluctuating; Weikel passed out a supplemental spreadsheet; budget did not balance.'
        Motion rescinded
IV    Motion by Okuley to approve a one year budget for 2013 (as revised by the BoD); Second-Teter. Motion passed
V    Director's Reports:
        Besch-written report submitted. Passed around Jim Williams new book on the history of the land system for Ohio; living history conducted by Ann and Mike
        Crattie-oral report on activities with Milton Denny on the Georgia/North Carolina line and Ellicott's survey to establish same.
        Langelan-consumed by Rendezvous, 2013; various speaking engagements across the country
        Leu-will report later
        Okuley-passed around a photo book of copper and tin work period pieces he has been constructing
        Teter-reported on WV affiliates meetings; speaking engagements; Potomac Stone recovery; Deakins Line = next major project
        Weikel-speaking engagements; Mullan Road work; Bannack Days camp; will be doing a first person as James Morely, LS
VI    Webmaster Joel Cheves will bill us in July for website construction and maintenance; "new" movie from Joe Lindsey about erecting and dismantling a Bilby Tower in 1974 now on website; there will be a new feature on the Society page for members to report any historical activities they have engaged in; general consensus that an individual needs to be found that can "bring us up to the 21st century i.e. Facebook, Linkedin etc
VII    Motion by Crattie that all references to "optional" be changed to "very important" on all SHS forms when dealing with email addresses. Second by Weikel
        Motion passed
VII    Crattie charged with arranging to have available issues of Backsights scanned in a digital and searchable format for inclusion on the website
VIII    The BoD again expressed their gratitude to Mary Root for her dedication in producing an excellent professional publication.
IX    Woodfill Report-One check for refund from Abraham Lincoln's National Museum of Surveying ($1000) received; Duane Weiss retrieved the "Bearing Tree" sculpture from the museum; Charlie Glover donated 8 ground anchors for Bilby Towers to the Tower relocation effort; the Bilby is currently being regalvanized and will be erected in a city park in Osgood, Indiana; Bilby walking trail is already completed; Jeff French is taking the lead in Osgood
X    Langelan and Okuley appointed as a nominating committee to come up with 6 candidates for 3 BoD seats that will be opening up (Besch, Crattie and Leu) by the fall meeting. Appointed by the Chairman
XI    DeMeyer's report on the wrap up of the David Thompson project was submitted in written format. Denny provided quite a bang for our bucks.
XII    Rendezvous-2012: Council Bluffs-Leu has essentially tied up all final loose ends; still needs to send a donation to the Union Pacific Railroad Museum; 2013:Philadelphia-Langlean conducted an extensive review of proposed budgeting for the 2013 event. Conclusion: keep going with his plans and he has the entire board's full support in his decisions; 2014: Mobile-M. Besch reported that plans were shaping up and everything is on go; 2015: Bellingham, WA-DeMeyer's report was pre-submitted in a written format.2016:quite tentative-Thoreau, Walden, Concord, MA; 2017: quite tentative-States and their shapes, 4 corners, Durango, CO; 2018: tentative-London, England-coordinate with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to celebrate their 150th anniversary.
XIII    Wiekel will report on an alternate venue for the storage of the SHS instrument collection.
XIV    Langelan and Weikel charged with continuing their work on expanding and improving a comprehensive email list of members and associated professional societies and organizations. Eblast are encouraged to keep our membership informed of actions of the Board and of individual members as well as ongoing projects throughout the country.
XV    Much discussion on alternate methods of holding BoD meetings i.e. Scype, GotoMeeting, teleconferencing. No action taken at this time
XVI    Re: reincorporation of SHS in another state-Woodfill informed the BoD that no corporation reports had been sent to the State of California "in a number of years". He also reported that he has failed to file any tax forms with the Federal government for a number of years. General consensus: we need to seek advice from a corporate attorney. M. Besch was charged with seeking advice on how to deal with this delinquency.
XVII    Crattie resigned as Financial Officer at 3:05 pm.
XVIII    Mike Besch reported on his availability to assume some of the duties of Administrator for SHS. Because of pending retirement, Besch could be available in January, 2014. As part of Besch's report he made many suggestions for improvement of current services.
XIX    Motion by Langelan to conditionally approve the contract with Woodfill upon revisions discussed by the BoD being made. These revisions primarily were made to delete any references to the contract extending into 2014. Another revision was to reduce the amount of compensation for NSPS dues from $300 to $40. Woodfill will make the revisions and redistribute the contract to the individual BoD members. Seconded by Teter
        Motion passed.
XX    Weikel charged with compiling a Society Calendar with highlighted "drop dead dates" for upcoming meetings, deadlines etc.
XXI    Bylaws: we will make final revisions for presentation to the members following our reincorporation in a different state in order to comply with that state's rules. Keep our working draft and we will tweak it at a later date.
XXII    Election of new officers will be on hold until reincorporation for the above reasons.
XXIII    Motion by Weikel to for Leu to continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Second by Crattie
        Passed unanimously
XXIV    Crattie charged with writing Johnny Ingram requesting his resignation as Secretary of the Corporation merely for house keeping purposes.
XXV    Upcoming meetings: Fall=Rendezvous 2013; Philadelphia, PA; Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 1:00 with the membership meeting being on the same day at 7:30 pm.
        Spring, 2014 Board of Directors-to be announced
        Fall, 2014: membership meeting, Mobile, AL
XXVI    Motion to adjourn 4:13 by Langelan; Second by Besch Passed

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