Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors
September 9, 2015 - Annual Rendezvous
Silver Reef Hotel and Casino - Ferndale (Bellingham), Washington

Board Members present: Rich Leu, President; Chas Langelan, Vice President; Bill Weikel, Chief Financial Officer; Ann Besch; Milton Denny; Steve Okuley; Jim Shomper
Executive Director: Melinda Gilpin
Recording Secretary: Bart Crattie
Members present: Denny DeMeyer, John Brock, Mike Besch, David Holland, Randall Myers, Marc Cheves, J Brooks Miller, Sr., Don Teter, Roland Trietsch, John Thalaker, Robert Ihlenburg, Roger Woodfill, Patrick Beehler, Jerry Olson, Ben Stagg, Jim Payne, Robert Bauer, Lorna Hainesworth, Sidney Stoffels, Jim Halladay, Mary McDowell, Weston Dorszynski, Tim Kent, Tom Casey, Ken Allred, Rand LaForce, Mike Cooney, Thom Hanson.
Agenda Items I, a-g: Quorum declared, recording secretary appointed, roll call of BoD, Special rules were suspended for expediency.
Item I.g. Motion to adopt agenda: Thalaker; Second: Holland. Passed
Item II.a. Approve minutes from Mobile meeting. Motion: Denny; Second:Myers. Motion passed
Item II. d. Director's Activitiy Reports
Besch: nothing
Denny: nothing
Langelan: now off the Board of Directors. Now deeply involved in planning two upcoming Rendezvous. Reminisced on life and career in surveying with impressions of his first (1998 Paducah) Rendezvous. Spent the last year researching article in current American Surveyor magazine on Looker and DC surveying. Leu: mentioned his participation portraying James Marsh in a documentary film dealing with Iowa's north boundary.
Okuley: nothing
Shomper: spoke about his first year on the BoD. A meeting involving the Boy Scouts at a creek crossing 250 years to the day celebrating Mason and Dixon crossing the same creek. The kids thought this was cool.
Weikel: Reported on the annual Bannack Days event in Montana and the success and interest paid to a display of surveyor's chains he had assembled.
Langelan delivered a report on the funds being raised to restore Mason and Dixon's equal altitude telescope (Byrd) housed at Independance Hall in Philadelphia. The fund finished ahead $1000. Jeff Locke is conducting the restoration. The instrument was without a tripod. A tripod was found in the basement of the Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. It is being adapted to fit the instrument. When completed, it will go on permanent display in Independance Hall. There will be an article out by Jeff Locke by the end of the year detailing the restoration.
Item II.h. Individual member's activity reports:
Teter: Fairfax/Deakins lines monument recovery report to be presented to the Secretarys of State for both states.
DeMeyer: surplus funds from the David Thompson donation being used in positive ways on different Thompson projects. SHS's name and logo are prominent on many displays in the northwest.
Langelan reported on an ongoing project in DC. There were originally 40 Ellicot stones monumenting the boundaries of the District of Columbia. Four stones are missing. DC has appropriated $2 million to replace the missing stones and beautify the immediate areas around the remaining 36 with small parks.
Item II. e. No Reports
Item II.f.i. Appoint nominating committee for BoD Lew appointed Langeland and Trietsch.
Item II.g.i. DeMeyer is expecting 125 attendees to 2015 Rendezvous.
Item II.g. Ii: Ihlenburg will make a presentation at the banquet-Rendezvous, 2016
Item II.g.iii: Walden Pond, Thoreau - general report
Item II.h.iv: Vincennes, Indiana suggested by M. Denny and R. Woodfill. 2017 is 200'th anniversary for Indiana so to not be crowded out by other celebrations, 2018 was suggested.
Item II.g.v.: Holland reported on the proposed Surveyor's Tour of England, a side trip to be sponsored by SHS. Target price: $3500. One week duration, all expenses included. Member's polled: many hands went up. Holland is chairing this event.
II.h. Continued: Hainesworth reported on the festivities proposed to celebrate the 200'th anniversary of the marking of the initial point for the Louisiana Purchase. There is also planned a monument dedication marking the burial plot for Joseph Brown
Item III.a. Boundary Oak Pens: M. Denny again related the entire story about the Park Service. The history is now lost. Please see BoD minutes from this day.
Item III.c. Instrument Relocation. It was reported to the members the efforts currently being made to relocate both the artifact collection and the library to a single climate controlled, secure facility in Chattanooga, TN. Discussion continues about lending, restoration and public outreach.
Item IV.a. Steve Okuley and Denny DeMeyer were installed as the newest Board of Director members of the Surveyors Historical Society.
Item V. Announcements: Leu announced that all monies raised from the annual Rendezvous auction will go to the SHS Special Projects Fund.
Meeting Adjourned.

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