Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting

Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center
Boxborough, Massachusetts
September 13, 2017
Members attending:
John Thalacker      Washington
Frank Fitzpatrick    California
Duane Weiss         Illinois
Randall Myers        Pennsylvania/West Virginia
Mary M. Root         Virginia
Roger Woodfill        Indiana
Ray Root               Virginia
Jim Viannav           New York
I. Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am
A. All Board members were present
B. A quorum was declared
C. Crattie appointed recording Secretary
II. Motion to approve the Agenda by Denny, second by Besch; Motion carried
III. Motion to approve minutes of July 7, 2017 teleconference by Weikel, second by Okuley; Motion carried
IV. Reports
A. Directors Reports
1. Besch: written
2. DeMeyer: written
3. Denny: written
4. Leu: See August issue of XYHt magazine highlighting his trip to the equator in Ecuador. 5. Okuley: spent two weeks at the national Boy Scout Jamboree teaching the Boy Scout merit badge. 80-90 kids went through the class
6. Shomper: no report
7. Weikel: did his two re-enactments setting up his equipment and paraphernalia, including 13 different chains. Also, two hour presentation on surveying, platting and instruments 1864-1889 at the Montana annual meeting.
8. Gilpin: two displays at the PLSO (Ohio) meeting
B. Committee Reports
1. Vianna-Lake George, 2016-$1063 profit, not enough guidance, overall, it went very well, thanks everyone.
2. Leu-Concord, MA, 2017 - Logistics have been a problem, many issues to work out
3. Besch - New Orleans, 2018 - power point to be presented later, great hotel, great locations, great speakers
4. DeMeyer - Salt Lake City, 2019 - nothing to add, no Golden Spike by the entire group, 150th anniversary of many happenings in surveying in Utah, came as a surprise to the local Utah surveyors.
5. Dave Holland - Surveyor's Tour of England, 2018 - formal, structured group tour is off. Instead, Plan B. Each individual arranges their own transportation. We will have a group hotel, the Albro House in downtown London. Breakfast is included with rooms. Tentatively the end of May, first of June. Target: 16-25 people. Anticipate about $2500-$3000 for the entire trip. Promoted through membership eblasts. Discussion to authorize Holland to proceed with planning as an SHS endorsed event, not a sponsorship. No action taken at this time.
6. Leu - Australia event, 2020 by John Brock. Brock has done a tremendous amount of work. SHS will endorse, promote and encourage membership participation. It will not be a formal Rendezvous.
VI.a    Note: agenda was altered at the pleasure of the Chairman
A. Motion was made by Denny that within 30 days of a meeting, the minutes will be sent to the Board. A special called meeting via teleconference with a single agenda item will be held, to approve the minutes by the Board. Seconded by Shomper. Motion carried.
B. Use of Action items will continue. Not decided who makes the decision of what is and is not an action item.
C. handled at the April, 2017 teleconference. Basically, the BoD will meet every four months, January, May and September or the nearest consensus available date.
DeMeyer BoD Agreement - tabled.
D. Leu communicated with John Brock about the possibility of a Rendezvous in Australia.
E. Promotion of the Buffalo Trace, SHS meeting in Indiana in October. Denny is to get information to Crattie or Gilpin to forward to Joel.
F. Affiliate Policy - Thalacker - Open up communications between national SHS, the state level and the local level. Thalacker recommended an individual be placed in charge to formulate an Affiliate policy. Leu will appoint a committee. ACTION ITEM ??
G. The vehicle for an events calendar has been arranged via the website. Content is now required, we need an organizational calendar prepared. ACTION ITEM ??
H. Members only section on website. Now handled, however, we need content to implement it.
I. Inventory of library. Mary Root is to send a cataloging example to Crattie. Crattie will attempt to begin the inventory of the collection. The Bedini papers are on hold for now. DeMeyer's list has been updated with the and all lists are in agreement.
J. Strategic Planning. Action Item 09-13-17A to the entire Board: to review the strategic plan formulated in Moble and to act upon it at the next Board meeting.
V. Recovery of missing collection items:
DeMeyer and Root prepared a compilation and report of time lines, items etc. documenting what is known of the collection of artifacts as well as the library. The basis was an inventory that Woodfill included at one time to a Director's handbook, presented to a member upon being placed on the Board of Directors. This list was dated 1993. Cliff Lewis prepared a thorough inventory of what was stored in California prior to SHS moving east. 1998, 1999, 2000? (maybe 1995) Wiess offered storage space to save storage costs in California. What left California was not inventoried. When a tractor trailer truck showed up at Weiss', he and neighbors unloaded the truck into Weiss' facility. No inventory was made and nothing was ever unpacked. Weiss did use and display the Gurley solar compass. The Bamburg split telescope theodolite and tripod were lent to the now defunct Museum of Surveying in Springfield, Illinois. The sculpture "The Bearing Tree" was also placed on loan with the Museum. When the doors to the Museum were permanently closed, Weiss secured both and returned them to the collection. Weiss was in possession of a memory stick prepared by Crattie of the inventory conducted by the Ingrams, Weikel, Cagle and Crattie around 2010. Eventually, Leu and Denny picked up all the items in Weiss' facility, as well as the library stored at Woodfills around 2015. No inventory of either collection was made. These were delivered to the Chattanooga facility. (a note in my minutes with no context: "Cilff Lewis - 2 copies of inventory"). No inventory was made of either collection when they were transferred to the Chattanooga facility. At the same time Weiss took possession of the collection, Woodfill took possession of the Library. No inventory was made at that time. Woodfill does not have any other of the missing books. Leu and Denny picked up the entire collection. Woodfill did not compile the list that was included in the Director's handbooks. Apparently, this list originated from the Lewis California inventory. A comprehensive inventory was made of the surveying paraphernalia in 2016 under the supervision of Mary Root and each item was thoroughly photographed by Rich Leu. Also participating in this exercise were Ray Root, Robert Cagle and Crattie. The Surveyors Historical Society does not have a good chain of custody on any items.
   Lunch; 11:50 am to 1:06 pm
VI. Financial Report (report prepared by Weikel and Gilpin made a part hereof)
Discussion by the Board regarding dues expectations, administrative duties, expense items,
Rendezvous expenses and the general fund, as well as each line item. Motion by Denny and seconded by DeMeyer to accept the financial report. Motion Carried.
   Weikel's report of the history and status was presented. Currently, an attorney is working to wrap this up. There are some requirements about to be fulfilled but these might be met with demands for more documentation. The efforts to fully comply and provide information have been made in a timeliness. It has proved to be a long and tedious process. Gilpin's work has been gratis and not through PLSO. The situation was comprehensively reviewed and any and all answers were given the Board.
VII. Motion to adjourn by Okuley, seconded by DeMeyers.
Motion carried: 2:00 pm.

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