Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting

September 12, 2018 – 10:00 am CDT
Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
Version 1.0 – September 23, 2018
(* = Action Item from September 28, 2016;April 14, 2017;July 9, 2017; September 13, 2017; and January 10, 2018 Board meetings)
I. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
Present: Besch, DeMeyer, Denny, Leu, Okuley, Weikel; Vianna was absent. Also present: Gilpin
B. Quorum declared by Chairman Leu
C. Crattie appointed recording secretary
II. Approval of Agenda
Motion: DeMeyer; Second: Denny; Motion approved
III. Approval of Minutes
A. Teleconference May 3, 2018 minutes
Motion: Denny; Second: Okuley; Minutes approved
B. Thoreau Point of Beginning Marker May 27 – June 24, 2018 minutes
Motion: Okuley; Second: DeMeyer; Minutes approved
IV. Reports
A. Director’s Reports:
Besch: written
DeMeyer: written
Denny: written
Leu: written
Okuley: nothing to report
Vianna: via telephone; no report
Weikel: none
Gilpin: later in the meeting
B. Committee Reports:
1. Rendezvous 2017 – Concord, Massachusetts – Leu: All wrapped up; followed up by placing POB marker at Thoreau Farm with Ingram
2. Rendezvous 2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana – Besch: We’re here. 120+/- folks signed up
3. Rendezvous 2019 – Salt Lake City, Utah – DeMeyer: Going good. Currently lack speakers. Preliminary stages of topics, speakers and program.
4. Rendezvous 2020 – Henry Mayo: much surveying history in Texas going back to Colonial times; possible sponsorship through the State of Texas; however, Henry prefers 2021 because of past Texas events Motion to accept Henry Mayo’s proposal to host the 2021 Rendezvous in Texas, details to follow: Besch; Second: DeMeyer; Motion approved On a side note, Denny and Leu have agreed to seek out venues for the 2020 Rendezvous; Davenport, Iowa was suggested. It was informally agreed that the mid-west was an appropriate general location.
5. Australia 2020 – Brock: general meeting
6. California Corporation Issue – Weikel: To date, a tremendous amount of work has been done pursuing a resolution. It is an ongoing and complicated, and sometimes frustrating task. We’ve been assured by the powers that be that our 501.C.3 reinstatement will be retroactive. “We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel”
V. Unfinished Business
A. Review DeMeyer'sBoD Agreement – Entire Board (*041417E) TABLED until non-profit issues are resolved. Remains on the table for the present.
B. Inventory of SHS Library – Crattie, Root(*092816D): M. Root and M. Gilpin are to coordinate a visit to the collection in order to complete this task.
C. Calendar of Events – (*041417D, *091317C, *011018C): currently set up, nothing on it; need content as usual.
D. Members Only Section on Website – (*092816B); Suggested content: Minutes, Backsites, Roster and local events. I guess this is a chore for Gilpin and me. E. Develop new sources of revenue – (*011018F): a system for Bequests was suggested. No firm action taken at this time.
F. Strategic Plan – (*011018B) Distribute for review-later in the meeting G. Affiliate Policy –(*041417C, *070917C, *091317B): tabled, to be reviewed following the review of the Strategic Plan.
H. Rendezvous Policy and Procedure Manual – Denny, Rendezvous committee (*092816C): Place on members only page; DeMeyer will prepare general Rendezvous guidelines and suggestions. M. Denny will Chair and will send a draft Rendezvous manual to the BoD.
I. Rendezvous objectives – (*041417A, *070917D) – See Item H above.
J. Recovery of Items Missing from SHS Collection – Leu, DeMeyer(*092816A, *070917E, *011018D, *011018E): DeMeyer feels we cannot close this out without one final last effort. It was suggested that a nicely worded letter to Roger’s wife concerning the missing items be prepared and sent. M. Denny said he would make a phone call.
VI. New Business
A. Contact information on the website and in Backsights: this has been handled
B. Continued use of action Items-general consensus: carry on
C. Set 2019 meeting schedule-no action
D. Resume proxy solicitation for Annual Membership Meeting: yes, general consensus: put it in with the spring Backsite’s mailing to save costs.
E. Policies and Procedures for announcing the deaths of members: Gilpin will prepare a policy document and send to BoD for guidance.
F. Policies and procedures regarding application for, and disbursement of, monies from the Special Projects Fund: DeMeyer will prepare a draft Formal Application to Request Funds for review by the BoD. Once formulated and approved, it will populate its own page on the SHS website. General content on the page will be: the request form, an explanation of just what the Special Projects Fund is, how it is funded and what has it funded in the past.
G. Policies and procedures regarding promotion of events under the aegis of Surveyors Historical Society: SHS affiliates should inform the BoD on any event that utilizes the SHS name and brand. Any others are out of our control and are not our business.
H. Motion by Milton Denny: That Milton Denny have the approval of the Board of Directors to solicit funds and proceed with procuring a stone monument (diagram included in Denny’s report) to mark or commemorate the Initial Point at the intersection of the Washington and St. Helena meridians with the “Line of Demarcation” and to continue with the reconnaissance project under the auspices of the Surveyors Historical Society. Not second required. Motion was approved.
I. Revisit the Henry David Thoreau Point of Beginning marker – no further action will be taken on this issue.
VIII. Adjourn
Note: please contact the Secretary for any cited reports or documentation mentioned in these minutes.

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