Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Director's Teleconference
July 9, 2017

v. 1.0 (7-09-17, 7-15-17)
Note: Reference is made to Agenda- prepared by Rich Leu
    I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order: 11:12 AM (eastern)
A. Present: Ann Besch, Denny DeMeyer, Rich Leu-Chairman, Steve Okuley, Bill Weikel-Chief Financial Officer, Milton Denny Denny and Jim Shomper, Melinda Gilpin-Executive Director and Bart Crattie-Secretary.
B. Quorum was declared
C. Crattie appointed recording secretary
    II. Agenda; motion for approval-Denny, second-DeMeyer; Approved
    III. Motion to approve the minutes from the April 14, 1017 teleconference-Okuley; Second-Denny; Motion approved
    IV. Reports
A. Financial Report:
Financial Report: Nothing prepared for this meeting. Accounts are in a state of flux at this time of year with Rendezvous fees and dues coming in, as well as some uncertainty with the California situation. Gilpen reported that at present approximately 35% of dues have been from on-line, Rendezvous registrations are strong and on track, as we get closer a targeted email will be mailed out. DeMeyer feels as a Board, we should have a financial report, even if it is changing day to day. As of Friday, SHS had $35-40,000 in our account. Gilpen will get a report of the finances as they stand at present out this week. Leu suggested tabling the issue until September when we can meet face to face.
B. Director's Reports
    1. Besch:written
    2. DeMeyer: written
    3. Denny: @ unfinished business
    4. Leu: Chas Langelan, Dave Ingram, Kim Buchiet and Leu will be at a meeting of the Thoureau Society in Concord, MA next week. They will make presentations of Thoreau as a surveyor and put on field exercises of period survey instruments and techniques.
    5. Okuley-nothing to report
    6. Shomper: nothing to report
    7. Weikel: written
    8. Gilpen: busy working with Chas on Rendezvous '17 and the California situation.
C. Committee Reports:
    1. Rendezvous, 2017: A little concern at present about costs v. revenue. However all is running on track. *Discussion turned to Rendezvous in general. Denny suggested 2 hours be set aside at the Concord meeting for discussion on just what Rendezvous is. The September BoD meeting is currently set up for 10:00 am through 3:00 pm. If necessary, the meeting can go on up to 6:00pm. Gilpen offered to facilitate this portion of the meeting and possibly expand it over the entire meeting. Spouses and others will be able to participate. It will be a technique quite similar to the idea session held in Mobile, AL.
    2. Rendezvous, 2018: Nothing for now.
    3. Rendezvous, 2019: Salt Lake City - Denny and Delores DeMeyer recently spent a week in the Salt Lake area doing a recon of the situation. DeMeyer met with the Utah surveyors group and made a presentation on Rendezvous and especially on the many 150th anniversary events taking place in Utah in 2019. His words: the locals were amazed at their own history.
    4. England, 2018 - The official name for the England trip being planned by David Holland and Steve Letchford is "A Surveyors Tour of Jolly Old England".
V. Unfinished Business
    A. and B. The offer of a Bamberg Theodolite and a Kern Geodetic Instrument Donations: Denny has worked out the details. A letter with the value of the Bamberg has been requested for tax purposes. The current owner wished to have possession of the Bamberg until at least after the solar eclipse to happen in August. The Kern is available at any time.
    C. E-Blasts-Activities should be shared with the membership via periodic eblasts. Then, the information should go to the website, probably the Events page. This can be any outside historic events we participate in, such as each activity presented in the Directors' reports.
    D. Distribution of Financial Report: addressed earlier in the meeting.
    E. Deleted
    F. California Corporate issue: it seems to be wrapping up. Many complicated issues and forms.
    G. John Brock's 2020 Australian Rendezvous proposal: John is registered for the MA 2017 Rendezvous. Time will be allotted for Brock to make a presentation at the meeting. The BoD's position is that a meeting in Australia is a great idea and is possible but not feasible for a Rendezvous because of the certainty of low attendance. It is the consensus of the Board that the meeting be fully supported and promoted much like the "Surveyors Tour of Jolly Old England".
    H. ISPLS Initial Point Chapter Rendezvous Oct. 13-15, 2017: Promotion material was distributed to the membership. The BoD supports local participation and activities such as this program. Some discussion about the use of the term Rendezvous. These issues will be addressed in the fall when Rendezvous in general is thrashed out. Besch advised that this event be listed on our Website.
    I. Calendar of Events on Website: Joel Cheves can easily set it up. Content is needed and any items of interest should be channeled through Gilpen.
    J. Affiliate Memberships: Agreed that a set policy needs to be in place. Gilpen will prepare a "clean electronic" version of the current policy and distribute it to the BoD for discussion and approval. When approved, if inquires are made, Gilpen will reply along with financial obligations and responsibilities. (As opposed to simple membership or a Chapter). The policy will be compared to the current NSPS policy with state affiliates. Leu will contact NSPS.
    K. Members only section on the website: Joel Cheves has set one up and it is in place. Again, content is needed. What will be included? Shomper suggested the collection and narrative on the collection be an item.
    L. Rendezvous Policy and Procedure Manual: Tabled until the September meeting. Motion: DeMeyer; Second-Denny: Two hours will be budgeted during the fall meeting to establish policies, procedures and objectives of our Rendezvous. Motion Approved.
    M. BoD Agreement: DeMeyer asked this be put on hold until Directors Insurance is obtained.
    N. Inventory of Library: not yet accomplished.
    O.Rendezvous Objectives: Again, to be addressed in the fall.
    P. Recovery of missing items from SHS collection: Discussion. Motion Denny: Second - Shomper: A complete and comprehensive list be compiled before any actions are taken. Weikel is to prepare a spreadsheet. The Board be charged with sharing any information they have with Weikel in order to prepare the inventory list. Motion was approved.
VI. New Business
    A. NSPS will have a promotion for Rendezvous, 2017 through its sponsorship of the Final Resting Point program, commemorating HD Thoreau. American Surveyor magazine will generously provide a full page ad promoting the Rendezvous. There is a story involving Leu about to be published in XYHT magazine.
Meeting adjourned 1:12 pm eastern.

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