Minutes of Teleconference Meeting
Surveyors Historical Society Board of Directors
June 28, 2013

recording secretary: Bart Crattie

Members present:
Rich Leu, Chairman
Chas Langelan, Vice-Chairman
Ann Besch
Bart Crattie
Steve Oakuley
Don Teter
Bill Weikel

Meeting was called to order at 2:03 eastern.
An informal agenda was presented by Leu:
1. Social Media sites and our participation in them
2. Corporate Suspension
3. Administrator

1. Social Media:
        Leu has offered to "place" our society on Facebook. It will require constantly changing content. Suggestions were to link to Backsights, when those issues get digitized. Photographs would be good content.
        Linked In(?) was brought up. Though it is geared toward an individual, Langelen was certain it would be beneficial to the Society, especially in Rendzvous promotion.
        Leu has bee charged with investigating the various Social media sites but immediately establishing a presence on Facebook.

2. Corporate Suspension
        Weikel and Leu have been working together on a solution to our suspension. Weikel consulted with an attorney on the matter. The primary issue is just who did suspend us. It could have been the California Secretary of State or the Franchise Tax Board.
        Leu has determined that an answer can be found by completing a Statement of Information through the Secretary of State's Office. It requires a $20 payment and list of officers of the corporation.
Crattie will be Secretary and Weikel will be Chief Financial Officer with Leu being the Chief Executive Officer.
        First step - get straight with the Secretary of State, then the Franchise Tax Board might get involved. Rich will file and see what awaits us.
        These things must be resolved before we can go forward and decide just which venue we will have our corporate registration.
        Rich will get in touch with Rand LaForce to see if he is willing to continue as our Registered Agent in California.
        Our by-laws must be in sync with the state in which we incorporate. If we stay in California, we will need to take all of Johnny Ingram's hard work on our by-laws and tweak them to suit California law.

3. SHS Administrator Position
        Very much discussion on the current Administrator. Highlights: Langelan states that, at present, he is receiving the highest level of help and support in preparation for the upcoming Rendezvous; an e-mail blast service has been contracted to send out Society notices to the entire membership and others requesting information; technically, the Administrator is not responsible for filing required legal documents, that duty falls on the corporate officers; Oakuley and Besch were speechless and astonished that neither our taxes or corporate documents had been filed; Current contract expires December 31, 2013; seek out a whole package i.e. the position as well as storage space?; Costs and duties-we need some idea, we can't guess; lack of technological skills seems to be the largest current problem; there's more: stubbornness, disruptive and uncooperative at past Board meetings; current administrator is not even following his contract; not on the agenda, but it was suggested that when this is resolved, part of the resolution include consolidation of the equipment collection storage issue with other properties of SHS; just what does the administrator do?, we won't ever find out from the current administrator; we have never seen a check register . . .
        A letter will be prepared that is not overwhelming or intimidating, listing briefly the duties of the administrator. It will go out to the membership seeking individuals interested in applying for the position. At that point, a more detailed duties list will be sent to the individual. Each Board member needs to convey to Leu his or her ideas of what the duties should be.
        Langelan will speak with Woodfill, keeping him abreast of our activities.
        The password for the SHS email account will be shared with all of the Board members.

4. Rendezvous
        Langelan made a report on progress to date. Over $25,000 has been received in sponsorships. However, we may need to dip into our reserve Rendezvous funds. 67 folks are now registered, yet nearly every blocked hotel room has been sold.
        Mobile Rendezvous - hotel is $107/night that includes breakfast. Parking is $7/day.
        Oakuley is out of touch all through the month of July

        We all need to make an effort to contact Lee Ann and thank her for her efforts in establishing the e-blast account that we are now using.

Meeting signed off at 4:47 pm eastern.

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