Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Directors Teleconference
May 9, 2014 (Rev. May 25)

Recording Secretary: Crattie
Meeting convened: 10:35 am
Present: Leu (Chairman), Langelan (Vice-Chairman), Weikel(Financial Officer), Besch, Okuley and Teter.
Not Present: Denny
Woodfill briefly participated to clarify any questions.
1) Approve minutes of February 6, 2014 teleconference
Motion: Besch; Second: Langelan
2) Financial report: The structure of the SHS budget is to be completely revamped. Details will be ironed out at the Osgood meeting in June. At that time, a 2014 budget will be completed. Budgets for the following year will have their origins at the annual fall rendezvous. December teleconference will finalize the following year’s budget.
Rendezvous 2013: No further report; put to bed
2014: Besch reports that the Mobile meeting is on track. TheBesch’s will have a booth at the Alabama meeting promoting Rendezvous. Langelan and Kim Bucheit will soon begin seeking pre-approval for Continuing Education credits.
2015: DeMeyer is seeking authorization from the BoD to conduct financial business.
2016: The New York Colvin Crew members are seeking approval of their excellent multi-page proposal submitted February 28 for the 2016 Rendezvous to be held at Lake George, New York.
3) Motion: Denny DeMeyer is given full authorization to enter into contracts on behalf of SHS and act as representative of SHS and DeMeyer is to submit periodic reports to the BoDon the business of organizing Rendezvous 2015.
Motion: Langelan; Second: Besch
4) Motion: Mike Besch is given full authorization to enter into contracts on behalf of SHS and act as representative of SHS and Besch is to submit periodic reports to the BoD on the business of organizing Rendezvous 2014.
Motion: Weikel; Second: Langelan
5) Motion: That the SHS BoD accept the proposal submitted by the Colvin Crew for the Lake George 2016 Rendezvous and give them the Board’s full support. Further, Jim Viannais given full authorization to enter into contracts on behalf of SHS and act as representative of SHS and Vianna is to submit periodic reports to the BoD on the business of organizing Rendezvous 2016.
Motion: Langelan; Second: Besch
Unfinished Business
Current candidates for the 2014 election: Weikel,Ihlenburg, LaForce, Weiss and Shomper. Langelan reports that the ballots are in good shape to be mailed out to the members.
Long Range Planning: A meeting to discuss long range planning involving the full membership and the BoD will tentatively take place on Wednesday evening, September 17 just prior to the commencement of Rendezvous 2014 in Mobile, Alabama. We are to seek out a facillatator.
Weikel raised the issue of the Lincoln Boundary Oak Pens. 6) Motion: SHS will prepare and issue a letter of authentication certifying that the pens are indeed made from an actual boundary oak tree from the site of Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace.
Motion: Langelan; Second: Besch
Method of implementation: Langelan is to contact Woodfilland Denny and get the details and a list of the people that purchased the pens. Langelan will prepare the letter and after all approvals, the letter will be signed by the Chairman and mailed out to the purchasers.
New Business
Budget: Tabled
      California Corporate Status: We are in very good shape with the Secretary of State. Leu is in the process of filing various forms to satisfy the California Franchise Tax Board.
      Advertising and promotion: Langelan is working on a proposal for submittal at the Osgood meeting. The proposal is to purchase ads from American Surveyor magazine and from NSPS “News and Views”. The ads purpose will be to direct parties to the SHS website. The website will be tweaked in a manner to provide a “clincher” on the opening page. Objectives: Recruit new members and raise awareness of SHS. It is to be a 6 month trial process. No Motion
    Langelan offered a report on three items occurring in the northeast that may affect SHS:
A) The National Park Service has established a program known as “Adopt an Artifact” at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. David S. Thaler has adopted the Bird transit and equal altitude instrument. Restoration plans are in the works with Jeff Lock participating.
B) Maryland is hosting a Mason & Dixon symposium in the fall of 2015 and
C) SHS member Dr. William Morton has requested assistance from SHS to enable the placement of a Pennsylvania RoadsideHistoric Marker at a still existing home place of Andrew Ellicott within the City of Philadelphia. Funding request may be forthcoming in all three cases.
7) Motion: SHS will make application to the Commission in Pennsylvania responsible for review and installation of a Roadside Historic Marker in Philadelphia honoring Andrew Ellicott and his residence.
Motion: Langelan; Second Teter
Implementation: Langelan will work with Dr. Morton to complete the application. (Crattie offers his services as well).
Besch spoke at length about current PLSO (Ohio) Director, Melinda Gilpen possibly serving as SHS Administrator. TheBoD was impressed with her credentials and recommendations from the Besch’s. Mike Besch will follow up with PLSO and following that report, if favorable, Leu is to informally contact Ms. Gilpen with an introductory phone call.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:27 pm

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