Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Director's Meeting
April 14, 2017

v. 1.0 (4-16-17); v.2 (July 8, 2017)
Note: Reference is made to Agenda- prepared by Rich Leu
    I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order: 11:08 AM (eastern)
A. Present: Ann Besch, Denny DeMeyer, Rich Leu-Chairman, Steve Okuley, Bill Weikel-Chief Financial Officer, Milton Denny, Melinda Gilpin-Executive Director and Bart Crattie-Secretary. Jim Shomper had a time conflict.
B. Quorum was declared
C. Crattie appointed recording secretary
    II. Agenda was approved.
    III. Motion to approve the minutes from the September 28, 2016 Rendezvous Board meeting: M. Denny; Second-Okuley; Motion approved
    IV. Reports
A. Financial Report:
Weikel-report and discussion. There was concern about 2016 checking account being less than 2017. Many factors. Gilpen recommended in the future we find items that can be cut, find items to increase revenue and budget for a savings factor.
Weikel summarized that we have three functions of business: Rendezvous, newsletter and keeping a roster of members. Rendezvous should be an avenue for profit. Denny wished to return to more grassroots, local level meetings. The Bilby meeting in Osgood presented by Tri-State Advisory Board was a good example, it worked out quite well, SHS received a check for $500. Gilpen reminded everyone that even local meetings have IRS Form 990 implications and need to be reported. M. Denny proposed the BoD conduct a session at the next Rendezvous to essentially plan the future of SHS. Leu tabled for now and the subject will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
Motion to accept the proposed budget for 2017: Okuley; Second-Besch; Motion carried.
B. Director's Reports
    1. Besch:written
    2. DeMeyer: written
    3. Denny: written
    4. Leu: written
    5. Okuley-nothing to report
    6. Shomper: nothing to report
    7. Weikel: written
    8. Gilpen: will report later throughout the meeting
C. Committee Reports:
    1 .Rendezvous, 2016: final numbers: $1063 profit
    2.Rendezvous, 2017: Leu - written. Preliminary program has been prepared, will be fine tuned and then published.
    3.Rendezvous, 2018: Ralph Gibson of Louisiana submitted a preliminary speakers list with topics for the New Orleans meeting. Good participation locally.
    4.Rendezvous, 2019: Salt Lake City - nothing to add
    5. England, 2018 - Dave Holland and Steve Letchford to go in September, 2017 to fine tune final plans. Crattie to research past minutes to find terminology for this gathering.
    6. Nominating Committee: Jim Vienna submitted a written report. Currently on the ballot is Herb Stauton, Jack Owen and Bill Weikel. Motion to accept Vienna's report by DeMeyer, second by Besch. Motion carried
V. Unfinished Business
    A. Bilby tower - project is now officially completed.
    B. Bedini Documents - stored safely, no progress toward inventory yet
    C. Insurance for directors - temporarily on hold
    D. Certificate for Lincoln Boundary Oak - over for the good
    E. Calendar of Events - a better method, using social media is being explored. Remove from Action Item list.
    F. Distribution of Financial Reports prior to meetings - now being addressed in a timely manner. DeMeyer expressed gratitude to Weikel and Gilpen for their hard work
    G. Limit on Rendezvous registration fees - discussion. This will be a part of the Action Item 041417A regarding the BoD being charged with thoughts on SHS future.
    H. Recovery of missing items from SHS collection: no progress made to date. DeMeyer requested a copy of the list of missing items. M. Denny reported on an impressive display of compass and chain in the Alabama Archives. It had a plaque stating it was on loan from the Surveyors Historical Society courtesy of Roger Woodfill.
    I. Members only section on website: Gilpen has talked with Joel. We need to let Joel have some idea of just what it is that we want. He can then work toward that goal.
    J. Rendezvous Policy and Procedures Manual - DeMeyer has made a start
    K. Inventory of SHS Library - no progress to report. Leu did an impromptu report on a recent visit to the NOAA and NGSS library in Silver Springs, Maryland by Leu, Crattie and Ray and Mary Root. We were well hosted by Skip Theberge. Representatives (John Cloud and David Grosch) presented SHS with a trilogy of books on tidal and riparian law. SHS presented the library a set of past "Backsights".
    L. Insurance rider to cover collection. Crattie reported. Motion was made to purchase a rider attached to Crattie's insurance policy. The rider will cover an amount not to exceed $50,000. The price of the rider is $199/annually. Motion made by DeMeyer, Second: M. Denny. Motion carried. Remove from Action Item list M.California Corporation Issue: Weikel submitted a written report. An attorney has been secured and required documentation is being assembled. Progress is being made.
VI. New Business
    A. Tesseract Catalog Renewal: general consensus that this should be the individual's responsibility. Motion to not renew by DeMeyer. Second by Besch. Motion carried
    B. 2016 Postcard: Motion to discontinue postcards by DeMeyer. Second by Besch. Motion carried.
    C. 2016 Membership Roster: There won't be a 2016 roster. Gilpen summarized a listing of differing dates for mailings etc. 2017 roster will be out XXXXX
    D. Alabama bicentennial: written report by M. Denny
    E. Bamburg donation and F. Kern donation - M. Denny submitted a written report. Motion to accept these donations and value the Bamburg at $3000 for IRS purposes by DeMeyer; Second by Okuley. Motion carried.
    G. Affiliate Membership: Gilpen has assemble much documentation and is currently formulating a set of guidelines to present to groups requesting affiliation. There will be a caveat that these guidelines are under consideration and will most likely see revisions in the future.
    H. State Conference Exhibits: Gilpen will draft a policy position to be reviewed by the BoD.
    I. Regular Eblasts to members: If Gilpen has content, she can assemble and distribute. Content is the key. DeMeyer is putting ideas together. Gilpen suggested a google calendar that Joel can link to on the website at the Events page. (By the way, the events page is open to anyone to announce local activities)
    J. Timely updates to website: discussion
    K. Engage Mary Louise Hall for Rendezvous arrangements: DeMeyer is going to go this route for the 2019 Salt Lake City Rendezvous
    L. Board of Directors Agreement-DeMeyer presented an agreement used at a local museum defining duties and responsibilities of BoD members. This will be adapted for use by the SHS Board of Directors. (Action Item?)
    M. Brock Rendezvous Proposal: Not to be a Rendezvous but will proceed along the lines of the proposed London trip. Leu is to draft a response to Brock thanking him for his organizational work and explaining the position of the Board.
    N. ISPLS Initial Point Chapter meeting October 13-15, 2017: M. Denny requests SHS support. Listing on the Events page is available and this will be the subject of a future email blast.
    O. Meeting Schedule: Following discussion, it was decided the BoD will meet either live or via teleconference every four months. It was decided to meet in January, May and September.
Teleconference meetings will be on the day of the month that has consensus availability. Next meeting will be in June.
Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM

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