Annual membership meeting of the
Surveyors Historical Society
Hyatt Regency Penn's Landing - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 28, 2013
C. Barton Crattie, recording secretary
version 1, September 21, 2013

I. Meeting called to order 9:45 p.m. All members of the Board of Directors were in attendance: Besch, Crattie, Langelan, Leu, Okuley, Teter and Weikel.
Members present:
Vincent X. Nohe
Rhein Bobowik
Fred Rickey
Norbert Erickson
Jack Owens
Bill Morton
Mike Besch
Denny DeMeyer
Ken Allred
Wendy Lathrop
William Ralph Paris
Todd Babcock
Jim Shomper
David Holland
Randall Myers
Roger Woodfill

II. Leu began by stating that the agenda would be tentative.
By-laws were to be one of the major considerations for the meeting. Leu pointed out that of the membership was required to revise the by-laws. It was decided that the revised by-laws would be mailed out to the membership with the upcoming ballots for the election of new Board members. Weikel elaborated about combining the vote for Board members and the vote to adopt a revised set of by-laws

III. The meeting was opened to the floor.
DeMeyer: expressed his concern over Administrative matters. The Board is continually revisiting old issues. It is tedious. Issues that are vital continually are being passed over.
Leu: announcement for an opening for Administrative services is to be eblasted to the membership.
Crattie: explained to DeMeyer the recent introduction of action items, in the hopes that duties charged to individuals are carried out.
DeMeyer: Suggested use of Skype, it being workable, useful and successfully used by his organization. 
Root, Mary: Recommendation for use of the SHS instrument collection- Make long term loans to small, regional museums.
Charged to Root and Crattie: prepare a report for the next meeting.
Generally: a comprehensive book and instrument inventory needs to be compiled. Eventually this inventory shall be included on the SHS website so these items can be shared with the membership. Charged to the Board and the Membership.
Charged to Woodfill: Update and send the SHS Book inventory list to Weikel.
Charged to Weikel: enter the updated book list into an Excell spread sheet for easier reference.
DeMeyer: suggests Backsights be put out in a digital format. Much discussion ensued concerning the benefits/drawbacks of digital as opposed to hard copies. Hard copies are around $1.75 prior to shipping. Then, $50 to send to Roger. Roger mails them out at approximately $1.12 an issue. (That totals just a little over $3.00 per issue to arrive in the member's hands)
Woodfill: Backsights is a form of personal contact. To go purely digital, we would lose the personal touch with our members.
Charged to Board: Arrive at a policy concerning digital as opposed to hard copies of Backsights distribution. Root's input will be crucial.
Woodfill: Should he save or destroy numerous old collections of POB, American Surveyor and Professional Surveyor magazines. Nothing resolved.

IV. Announcements
A. Besch - Rendezvous, 2014 -Mobile, Alabama; September 19 at 1:00 p.m.
B. DeMeyer - Rendezvous, 2105 - Bellingham, Washington
C. The rebuilding of the Couba Bilby - Woodfill informs members that the tower is to be built in Osgood, Indiana in October, 2013. A formal dedication will be held sometime in the Spring of 2014. Who is deciding dates? Charged to Crattie: work as liaison with NGS, Reynolds Foundation and SHS
D. 2016 - Woodfill has been in contact with John Levy(?) about a Thoreau meeting in Lexington/Concord, Massachusetts.
E. 2017 - open
F. 2018 - Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors; London, England. This will be the 150th anniversary of the founding of RICS
Charged to Board: Poll the membership about having a meeting in London

Meeting adjourned: 10:35 p.m.

082813a Charged to M. Root and Crattie: prepare a report on sharing the society's collection of books and instruments with regional museums.
082813b Charged to Woodfill: Update and mail to Weikel a list of the SHS book inventory
082813c Charged to Weikel: prepare an Excell spreadsheet of the SHS book inventory for distribution and publication
082813d Charged to the Board of Directors: Arrive at a policy concerning digital as opposed to hard copies of Backsights distribution.
082813e Charged to Crattie: work as liaison with NGS, Reynolds Foundation and SHS on the Bilby project in Osgood, Indiana
082813f Charged to the Board of Directors: Poll the membership about the feasibility of holding a Rendezvous in London, England in 2018

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