Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Director's Teleconference
March 30, 2016

Note: Reference is made to Agenda-Draft (Version 2) prepared by Rich Leu
Meeting called to order: 11:03 AM (eastern)
Present: Ann Besch, Denny DeMeyer, Rich Leu-Chairman, Steve Okuley, Jim Shomper, Bill Weikel-Chief Financial Officer, Melinda Gilpin-Executive Director and Bart Crattie-Secretary.
II. Motion to approve agenda: Besch; Second-Demeyer; Motion Passed
III. Motion to approve the minutes from the November 8, 2015 Board teleconference: DeMeyer; Second-Shomper; Motion Passed
A. Financial Report: Weikel-report and discussion, primarily on Rendezvous accounting within the SHS budget framework. Motion to accept the Financial Report: DeMeyer; Second-Okuley; Motion Passed (report attached)
B. Director's Reports
1. Besch:written (attached)
2. DeMeyer: written (attached)
3. Denny: Not present
4. Leu: met with Chas Langelan and Dave Ingram in Massachusetts, re: upcoming Rendezvous. Preliminary program outline has been completed, Expect good participation.
5. Okuley-no report
6. Shomper: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, attended the reception and unveiling of the recently reconstructed Byrd equal altitude telescope used by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon on their famous American survey. SHS was well represented.
7. Weikel: written (attached)
8. Gilpen: will report later.
C. Committee Reports
1. Rendezvous, 2015: Reflection by DeMeyer-great effort in promotion to the Rendezvous activities to the general public to little avail. Suggests that nationwide promotion might be a fruitless effort. "Not much bang for the buck".
2. Rendezvous, 2016: Gilpen has been working closely with Jim Vienna and the planning committee. Gilpen is preparing the brochure. Hopes to open registration by May 1. Anticipated price for attendance: $325-$340.
3. Rendezvous, 2017: see Leu, prior. Dave Ingram and Chas Langelan, along with Leu are threading through the various challenges of organization.
4. Rendezvous, 2018: Mike and Ann Besch met in New Orleans with Melinda Gilpen. They had a very productive meeting with Ralph Gipson, our Louisiana contact. Very happy with the venue hotel chosen. Something novel for our organization-they used a booking agent. Gilpen expressed great satisfaction in this arrangement. It would allow a planning committee to concentrate on the program and not the mundane specifics of organizing "the meeting".
5. Nominating Committee: Time is pressing to get a slate out to the members, in order to solicit nominations by petition. An email eblast is to go our requesting nominations for director positions. Currently there are four names to fill three slots.
A. Budget: Revised budget (attached). Motion to accept: DeMeyer; Second-Oakuley; Motion Passed
B. California Corporation Issue: Gilpen reported that the state is slow in responding to correspondence. SHS is in fine shape with the Feds and IRS. We are in ongoing correspondence and contact with the State of California. Progressing.
C. Bilby Historical Marker, Indiana - Our application has been approved, text is being finalized, dedication ceremony must be planned, maybe July or August.
D. Lincoln Boundary Oak Certificate: Certificate has been created, in review. Should go out in the next couple of weeks.
E. Calendar of Events: Ongoing
F. Website: Leu - Has contacted Wendall Harness out of Oregon. Harness now conducts a survey related website. No response back. DeMeyer inquired on the who and how of our current web custodian. Gilpen offered to become the conduit for web change requests and to contact Joel Cheves to revitalize our efforts to update and revise the website.
G. Membership: DeMeyer - will send out a letter to everyone that attended the Bellingham Rendezvous inviting them to become a part of SHS. Also, should we budget any monies to membership, it should be spent on the electronic media, not print. Agreed that the best method is the face to face individual meetings at state conferences. As part of this effort, it was suggested that an incentive be provided such as our post cards or a hat. It was the general consensus not to spend $2250 on magazine advertising. Weikel suggested a brochure exclaiming our accomplishments. Besch has an ongoing work via a power point presentation and invites input, as well as sharing it for adaptation for anyones' local interests. Besch encourages any member to use, change, present and share her ongoing, ever evolving power point presentation. Mike and Ann Besch will set up a membership/promotion booth at the New York meeting.
H. Rendezvous Committee: DeMeyer - Is there a Rendezvous Committee? Leu is to appoint a number of folks to serve on a committee and choose their own leadership. A set of guidelines, policies and procedures for Rendezvous organization are necessary and now need to be developed and adopted by SHS.
I. Sources of Revenue for Special Projects Fund-ongoing
J. Disposition of collection and library: Motion to provide Ray and Mary Root a single stipend check in the amount of $250 to aid in their travel to Chattanooga, TN in order to catalog and inventory the SHS collection. Motion: Besch; Second:DeMeyer; Motion Passed.
A. Motion by DeMeyer: To authorize SHS Executive Director Melinda Gilpen to travel to New Orleans, LA and the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel for the purposes of a site visit, making final decisions on Rendezvous, 2018 arrangements, signing contracts and serving as point of reference /contact for SHS. Second: Besch; Motion Passed.
B. Rendezvous 2019 and beyond: Leu suggested seeking cooperation with WestFed for future meetings west of the Mississippi River. Discussion.
C. Revise Mission Statement: DeMeyer- moot, but will revisit. DeMeyer was appointed by Leu to explore possible revisions.
D. SHS Promotion Power Point - in development, available from Ann Besch.
E. Old Equipment Committee: Gilpen receives a large amount of requests for instrument identification (and pricing). It was decided that it was most important to provide an answer to any inquiries. Weikel suggested a single traffic cop to gather all responses and compile an answer. Competency is important. Assemble a group of knowledgeable folks to collaborate. Leu appointed Weikel to chair an "Old Equipment" committee.
F. No new business
Meeting adjourned: 1:15 PM (eastern)

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