Surveyors Historical Society Board of Directors
September 9, 2015
Silver Reef Hotel - Ferndale (Bellingham), Washington
Rendezvous, 2015
Meeting convened: 12:00 noon

V. 2 - November 7, 2015
I and II
For the Board: Richard Leu, Bill Weikel, Steve Okuley, Chas Langelan, Jim Shomper, Milton Denny, Ann Besch
Melinda Gilpin, Director; Bart Crattie, Recording Secretary
Guests: John Thalaker, Mike Besch, David Holland, Roger Woodfill, Denny DeMeyer
Quorum declared, Agenda approved
III. Minutes of May 27, 2015 teleconference. Motion to approve: Langelan; Second: Shomper. Passed
IV. A. Financial Report delivered by Gilpin. September 1, 2015 budget discussed. Gilpin clarified issues, answered questions and explained the advantages of future reports utilizing Quickbooks.
Recieve Financial Report. Motion: Denny; Second: Besch. Passed
B. Directors' Reports
3. Langelan: Spent the year researching an article in the current issue of American Surveyor dealing with surveyor Henry B. Looker and Washington, DC.
4. Leu: Portrayed James Talcott in a documentary about Iowa boundaries.
5.Okuley: Been investigating BM's and control monuments throughout the west.
7.Weikel: During Bannack Days event in Montana, a display of chains elicited most comments and interest.
8.Gilpin: data base maintenance is ongoing. Gilpin has been acting as the "traffic cop" for the many information requests and inquiries (approximately 35 this year) regarding instruments, history etc. An update on the status of the Indiana Bilby Historical roadside marker was also presented. Application has been turned in and accepted. We will have word of denial or acceptance later this year.
As a side note, while Gilpin was discussing inquiries, Denny offered to prepare a guide on proper techniques and methods for care, restoration and storage of surveying instruments. This guide will be placed on the SHS website.
C. Committee Reports
1. Rendezvous, 2015: DeMeyer-all but three registrants had email addresses. There will be approximately 120 attendees. Many non members of either SHS or the Washingotn organization are attending. E-blasts work great for the price. Gilpin has been very helpful. At least 8 Canadian folks are attending.
2. Rendezvous, 2016: Preliminary Program was passed out. Methods and stratagies for SHS to aid the organizers of the event were discussed. It appears that there will be many hands on field exercises held during the event.
3. Redezvous, 2017: Leu has met with Don Poole in Walden, MA and visited the proposed sites. Langelan met with the "Proprietor's Council" in Boston. No locals wish to offer their services to chair and organize the event, though they did express their desire to help in other ways. Therefore, the co-organizers for the event will be Leu, Langelan and David Ingram.
4. Open discussion on 2018: The proposed trip to England to jointly celebrate the 150th year of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) was discussed. It was decided that this will not be a Rendezvous event, but a side trip, sponsored by the Surveyors Historical Society. Mike Besch suggested that a professional tour company be contacted to organize the expedition. SHS will work through RICS officer, James Kavenaugh. David Holland was appointed Chair to begin the preparations for this event.
A. California Corporation Issue: Gilpin continues ironing out the situation. There was a 15 page form to fill out. We are now "in their system". California will not give a time line for reconciliation. When completed though, Gilpin recommends we re-incorporate in Ohio.
B. Bilby Tower Historical Marker - covered earlier.
C. Boundary Oak Pens: Denny's report consolidated- Dick McCauley, LS, Indiana, the original procurer of the wood was contacted. Mr. McCauley went to the Forest Service offices where the wood was originally obtained. Virtually everyone involved in the project has now retired. Apparently, all records have been cleaned out and disposed of. The remainder of the wood was in a closet. They offered Mr. McCauley all he wished to take away. The numbering system has disappeared. Denny will prepare an elaborate certification that will attest to the authentication of the wood with the known facts to be signed by the President of SHS. A letter of explanation along with the certificates will be mailed to Mr. Johnny Ingram and Mr. Jim Gillen. If either are not satisfied with this resolution, their monies will be returned in full. The numbers are simply, no longer available.
D. Membership List: It was the general consensus that the annual Directory will continue to be delivered to the members in much the same current format. Motion: That Woodfill be authorized to continue producing the postcard to be included with the mailing of the annual membership Directory. Motion: Langelan; Second: Denny. Passed
Side note: discussion continued about electronic format/printed format or combination thereof. Fodder for future resolution.
E. Store/Library disposition: discussion, no action
F. Artifact Collection: Library collection discussion was combined with artifacts. Jim Payne currently has the items recovered from the Springfield Museum. Payne will take the Kelsh plotter for storage. Denny is in charge of relocation of the collection. Motion: Shomper; Second: Okuley that $1000 be devoted to the relocation of the artifact collection from Dwayne Weiss' storage building to Crattie's climate controlled facility located in his office in Chattanooga, TN. Modification: Leu and Denny will use their collective judgment as to disposal or transfer of various artifacts. Second modification: That the Library relocation from Woodfill's facility to the Chattanooga site be included in this move. The move will take place the latter part of October. No record of a vote on this motion and modifications was made. Crattie will inquire on insurance options and make a report to the Board.
G. Focus Group-Mobile Rendezvous: this has never been formally approved as an official strategy plan. Gilpin presented a report on our progress in each of the categories enumerated in the Focus Group's conclusions. Motion: Besch; Second: Denny-Adopt the Mobile, AL Focus Group Initiatives to be used as a framework for future SHS actions. Motion passed.
VI. A. Standing Rendezvous Liaison Committee: Langelan suggested we have State societies to come to us through outreach. Our committee is to contact the state societies requesting they inform SHS about local historic events that might warrant SHS involvement.
B. Executive Director contract will be considered at the end of 2016.
C. Ca lender: Weikel - a calendar listing various tasks, drop-dead deadline dates, events etc. Gilpin will set up a preliminary, working Google calendar. Minor discussion of the teleconference becoming a standing quarterly event.
D. Motion: That all annual Rendezvous Auction proceeds be devoted to the SHS Special Projects Fund. Motion: Okuley; Second: Shomper. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned: 3:27 pm

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