Surveyors Historical Society
Board of Director's Meeting
September 28, 2016

Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center - Lake George, New York
Note: Reference is made to an Agenda prepared by Rich Leu, attached hereto.
Meeting called to order: 10:04 AM
A. Present: Ann Besch, Denny DeMeyer, Milton Denny, Richard Leu, Steve Okuley, Jim Shomper, Bill Weikel
B. Quorum was declared
C. Crattie appointed recording secretary
    II. Agenda was approved.
    III. Approval of minutes of May 27, 2016 BoD meeting. Motion- Weikel; Second-Shomper; motion passed.
IV. Reports
A. Financial: Weikel presented what he calls an operational report. (copy attached)
B. Committee Reports:
    1. Rendezvous, 2017-Leu: Hotel lined up, locals are finally accepting us and cooperating, will have good time spent at the library housing many of Thoreau's surveys, more speakers available than time.
    2. Rendezvous, 2018-Besch: Many speakers lined up, program is moving great, NO MARDI GRAS
    3. Rendezvous, 2019-DeMeyer: see written report attached. Because of its remoteness, perhaps make Spike Museum an optional trip. We need to concentrate on leaving behind a commemorative plaque somewhere. A trip to the northeast corner of the state?
    4. Bilby Dedication-Gilpen: all is on go, the plaque is finished and is in Osgood, Indiana. Jeff French is seeing that it gets put up etc. Steve Okuley funded 100% of the costs associated with this marker ($2200). Rose Coors and Gary Nichols are organizing a workshop on Bilby, his tower and the C&GS for the same weekend as the Dedication (November 5, 2016).
    5. Lincoln Boundary Oak pens-the matter has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction. An announcement will appear in Backsights offering the Letter of Authenticity prepared by Milton Denny and Rich Leu.
    6. Artifact and Library Management Committee- see written report by Mary Root. Five people spent four days cleaning and cataloging items. Over a thousand photos were taken documenting conditions and fine details of items. Root reported that there are a number items missing that appear on prior inventory lists. Some are quite rare and have great value.
Motion: DeMeyer; Second: Okuley: Committee pursue all avenues to recover any missing items. Motion carried. (Action Item)
    7. Membership List-Weikel: no report. Discussion about how long to carry a member on the roles after non payment of dues. Motion: Shomper;Second: Denny: After the third billing at Rendezvous promotion, drop the name from the role. Then, at the first billing of the next year, notify them they are no longer on the role. Motion carried. (No Action Item required)
    8. Calendar of Events-Weikel: no report.
    V. Unfinished Business
A. California Corporation - more later
B. Bedini Documents: There are 19 boxes of Sylvio Bedini's papers housed with the other items in the SHS library. Only one box has been evaluated to date.
C. Limit on Rendezvous registration costs-discussion no action. Gilpen suggested and it was agreed that the Rendezvous committee be reconfigured in order to draft guidance for hosts and organizers of future Rendezvous.
D. Ames Instrument Award: an award will be given to Mike Matteson's wife at the banquet on Friday
E. Insurance for Directors: Later
F. Policy concerning digital/hardcopies of Backsights distribution-discussion as to when issues should first appear on the website. This may have been decided previously. Bart is to research old minutes. (Action Item: Crattie is to report to the Board if there is a current policy on the electronic publication of Backsights). (Action Item: Gilpen and Crattie are to communicate with Joel Cheves about the details of setting up a member's only section for the website.)
VI. New Business
A. Milton Denny tendered his resignation from the Board of Directors. Following much discussion, Denny withdrew the resignation. Denny wishes to devote his time on developing a Rendezvous policy and guidelines for future events. Leu appointed Denny as Chair of the Rendezvous Committee. (Action Item: Denny is charged with preparing a policy and guideline paper for future Rendezvous.)
B. Loan Policy and Loan Agreement-Mary Root: Mary has drafted agreements for the Dewberry collection using docs from the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association, as well as other museums. Mary will email the new policy suggestions to the BoD. Other matters that will require consideration: a policy on deaccession of artifacts, an acknowledgment of donor letter and letters of thanks for auction items and contributions. The BoD will review.
D. Library Inventory: Crattie will inventory the Library (Action Item: Crattie charged with preparing this inventory.)
E. Insurance for Collections- (Action Item: charged to Bart to check with his agent about a rider before the next conference call)
F. Logo and Trademark-Gilpen will compile the many SHS logos being used (Action Item?). The BoD will make the decision on how to proceed. Denny suggested we trademark "Surveyors Rendezvous". Okuley will discuss this with his brother, an attorney (Action Item?)
G. National Registry-Discussion, put on hold.
Open discussion on a variety of side topics:
    DeMeyer recommended instituting Action Items. Action Items are going to be inserted in these minutes and then finally compiled into a single separate document.
    Jim Vianna, our host gave a report on Rendezvous, 2016. Everything is in place, expects to realize a slight profit. He's glad to be working with SHS. Yet, without Melinda, this Rendezvous would have never "flown". Jim suggested that the BoD adopt a standardized system and provide oversite and guidance up front. This was a $62,000 conference, a sizable sum to be managed with no guidance.
    Ann Besch: she and Mike have put together a conference promo booth and power point slide show to market SHS. She recommends give-away items to distribute or donate to State meetings and trade events.
Back to:
    V. A. California Corporation: Leu provided background. Weikel and Gilpen contacted WestFed for possible assistance, to no avail. California does not provide information for relief but only sends bills. Leu suggests we bite the bullet and hire an attorney.
Motion-Shomper; Second-Besch: That Gilpen be authorized to conduct a search for a qualified administrative attorney in the Sacramento, CA area to aid in the reconciliation of the California situation.
Motion carried. (Action Item)
Motion-Weikel; Second-Shomper: That the Board of Directors acknowledge the previous payment of $12,000 and $5532.69 for the current billing to the State of California. Motion carried. Second side note: SHS's contract with PLSO for administrative services expires this year. Motion-Okuley; Second-Besch: SHS request from PLSO a two (2) year contract proposal. Motion carried.
Meeting Adjourned

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