This index was begun in the fall of 2007. A prior index was compiled by Mary M. Root that covered issues of Backsights from its inception to 1989. Like Ms. Root´s compilation, this one does not use any individual´s names unless they are a figure in the history of surveying, an inventor or some other prominent person in our profession. Individual member´s names are mentioned only in obituaries or for being honored for some major accomplishment. This is not meant to take anything away from some of the member´s major contributions to the well being of our society or our profession.

The index currently goes into the Fall, 2008 issue. Scanned copies (when completed) displayed on the internet will always be 4 issues behind the current issue. Should a subject or article appear in the index that is covered in one of those issues, they are available through the society. Ordering information can be found at another location within this site. Any omissions, typographic errors or additions can be reported to: C. Barton Crattie, 272 Valentine Drive, Lookout Mountain, Georgia 30750.

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January, 1989 Cover: Virginia Beach Convention Historical Exhibit
          Editor: Donald L. Ebbutt
          SHS Chair: Myron Lewis
          Dues: $20.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: poor quality, photocopied
July, 1989 Cover: Leybourn´s “Compleat Surveyor”
          Editor: Ebbutt is credited at the masthead, Root wrote the
          SHS Chair: Myron Lewis
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good quality
January, 1990 Cover: Washington as Surveyor
          Editor: Mary M. Root
          SHS Chair: Myron Lewis
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good quality
July, 1990 Cover: J. Roach, Plummet Lamp
          Editor: Mary M. Root
          SHS Chair: Myron Lewis
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good Quality
January, 1991 Cover: Andrew Ellicott
          Editor: Mary M. Root
          SHS Chair: Donald L. Ebbutt
          Dues: $30.00
          One advertisement
          Condition of issue: Good quality
July, 1991 Cover: Civil War Map, Hunter´s Chapel, VA
          Editor: Mary M. Root
          SHS Chair: Donald L. Ebbutt
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good quality
January, 1992 Cover: Great Britain Ordnance Survey and Stamps
          Editor: Mary M. Root
          SHS Chair: Michael G. Shackelford
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good quality
July, 1992 Cover: Everest and the Survey of India
          Editor: Mary M. Root
          SHS Chair: Michael G. Shackelford
          Dues: not published
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good quality
January, 1993 Cover: Carl Friedrich Gauss and the German 10 Mark
          Bill (currency)
          Editor: Mary M. Root (MMR)
          SHS Chair: Raymond E. Connin
          Dues: not published
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Good quality
July, 1993 Cover: Surveying Memorabilia
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Raymond E. Connin
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements Condition of issue: yellowed, aged
January, 1994 Cover: Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia & North Carolina
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: E. R. Gray, III
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements Condition of issue: yellowed, aged
July, 1994 Cover: Louisiana Purchase Initial Survey Point
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: E. R. Gray, III
          Dues: $30.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: yellowed, aged
January, 1995 Cover: Time and Navigation: Harrison´s Chronometer
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Bill Soderberg
          Dues: $30.00
          One advertisement
          Condition of issue: yellowed
July, 1995 Cover: The George Washington Atlas
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Bill Soderberg
          Dues: $30.00
          One advertisement
          Condition of issue: slight yellowing
January, 1996 Cover: A Line of Demarcation and Ellicott´s
          Survey of the 31st parallel
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Bill Soderberg
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
August, 1999 Cover: Eugene Scheel, Historical Mapmaker
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
March, 2000 Cover: Field Wear: Authenticating Old Instruments
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Fall, 2000 Cover: A. Lincoln with Compass and Chain
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Spring, 2001 Cover: John Hunt´s Map of a Lost Colony, 1607
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: excellent, binding never stapled
Fall, 2001 Cover: Surveyor Robert Harvey, Chairman
          of the Nebraska State Historical Society...
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Spring, 2002 Cover: Running the Colorado
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          2 member advertisements
          Condition of issue: excellent, bizarre cover color
Fall, 2002 Cover: The Wire that Fenced the West
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: excellent, bizarre cover color
Spring, 2003 Cover: Jasper Bilby´s Tower
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Glossy stock, excellent
Winter, 2003 Cover: Old Maps of Ancient Sites
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $40.00
          One member advertisement
          Condition of issue: Glossy stock, excellent
Spring, 2004 Cover: How the Newest Air and Space Museum Restored a
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $45.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Fall, 2004 Cover: Dampier, Explorer and Buccaneer
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $45.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Spring, 2005 Cover: The “Task” as a Unit of Land Measurement
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $45.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Fall, 2005 Cover: The Curta Calculator
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $45.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Spring, 2006 Cover: Surveying After Chicago´s Great Fire
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $50.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Fall, 2006 Cover: Rendezvous
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $50.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Spring, 2007 Cover: The Slide Rule
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $35.00 (sic)
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Fall, 2007 Cover: Cartographers of the Tennessee Valley Authority
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $75.00
          No advertisements
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Spring, 2008 Cover: The Open-Sight Compass
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Duane Weiss
          Dues: $75.00
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent
Fall, 2008 Cover: Of Men and Meridians
          Editor: MMR
          SHS Chair: Richard Leu
          Dues: $75.00
          Condition of issue: Heavy stock, excellent


ACSM Student Competition; Fall, 2002-P. 8 Advertising Policy, first appearance; July, 1990-P.9 Afghanistan; Spring, 2003-P. 7

Africa: “The Geographic Laborers of Arewa”-Nigeria; Fall, 2004-P. 10

    Annapolis Architectural Dig; Fall, 2001-P.8 see Bannaker
    Colorado Infantry; Spring, 2002-P.5 see Henson, Matthew
    Slavery, “task” as area; Spring, 2005-P.4 Ainsworth

William-Instruments; January, 1990-P.14 Air and Space Museum; Spring, 2004-cover and P.4 Akron, University students; Spring, 2004-P.3 Alabama

Ellicott´s 31st Parallel-January, 1996-cover and P.4 February, 1999-P.7

Retracement Siminar-Spring, 2007-P.8

Alberta, Canada: “Laying Down the Lines...” (book review); Spring, 2006-P.11 Al Qaeda-Afghanistan; Spring, 2003-P.7

Alteneder, Theodore-Drafting Instruments; January, 1992-P.14

Ambrose, Steven: Transcontinental Railroad (book review); Fall, 2002-P.10 America´s 400th Birthday; Fall, 2006-P.3

American Meridian; March, 2000-P.11 Americans, Native: land ownership; July, 1993-P.3 American Surveyor-introduced; Spring, 2004-P.8

Amerigo: the Man Who Gave His Name to America (book review); Fall, 2007 P.10

Amerigo...(book review); Fall, 2007-P. 10

Ammunition belt, woven: Anson Mills; Fall, 2007-P.2 Annapolis, MD

Architectural dig, Bannaker; Fall, 2001-P.8 Antique Map Shops, London; January, 1994-P.6

Apthorp, John P.; February, 1997-P.4

Arabia Felix (book review); Spring, 2008-P. 10

Arago, Dominique and French meridian; Fall, 2008-Cover and P. 4 Archimedes Palimpsest-purchase, disposition; Fall, 2002-P.8 Archives, New York Survey, Partial; Fall, 2001-P.11

Arc of the Medicine Line (book review); Fall, 2008-P. 11 Area Calculations; August, 1999-P.13

Arizona Surveyor-steak house; Spring, 2005-P.2 Arkansas: Louisiana Purchase Initial Point; July, 1994-P.4 Art of Instrument Making; Fall, 2000-P.13

Atlas, George Washington; July, 1995-cover and P.4 Auctions: 
    advice; January, 1994-P.3
    Bannaker´s estate; February, 1997-P.8; August, 1997-P.8

Australia:Burke and Wills Expedition; Fall, 2008-P. 3
    R. D. Fitzgerald: Surveyor/Poet; Spring, 2007-P.

Authentication: old instruments; March, 2000-cover and P.4


Babbage, Charles; January, 1991-P.7

Backsights: Index, Summer 1982 thru July, 1989; January, 1990-P.10 Format Change; Spring, 2002-P.3

Baldwin, Edwin; January, 1996-P.13

    Bannaker-Douglas Museum; Fall, 2001-P.8
    Estate Auction; February, 1997-P.8; August, 1997-P.8 with
    Ellicott; August, 1996-P.8

Barbed Wire (book review)-“The Wire that Found the West”; Fall, 2002- cover and P.10

Barrett, Theodore H.; Spring, 2002-P.5 Baseball, Father of (surveyor); Spring, 2001-P.8

Beaufort Scale: ”Close to the Wind...” (book review);Fall, 2007-P.11 Bearing Correction; Spring, 2002-P.14

Beeks, Dale and Ingram, David: update project on
    “ ...Makers... of Instruments...”; Fall, 2001-P.14
    Commended for postcards; Spring, 2004-P.3 Bees; August, 1997-P.3

Benchmark Instruments, David St. John; August, 1996-cover and P.8 Benton, Patrick L. (obituary); July, 1989-P.2; honored: Winter, 2003-P.8 Bent's Old Fort; Spring, 2008-P. 8

Berger Inventory, digitized; August, 1997-P.3

Berntsen Monuments; Spring, 2006-P.14

Bibliophile; July, 1990-P.3; July, 1991-P.10

Bidini, Silvio (obituary); Spring, 2008-P. 9

Bilby, Jasper, Tower; Spring, 2003-cover and P.4 Bilby Tower; Fall, 2000-P.3; Spring, 2001-P.3

Biot, Jean-Baptiste (French meridian); Fall, 2008-Cover and P.4

BLM Cadestral Survey; August. 1996-P.10; February. 1997-P.8; Spring, 2005-P.8

Blackfly Song; July, 1994-P.11

Blattner, Jacob, compass; July, 1995-P.5 Blocking Trees; August, 1998-P.10 Blunt Intruments; July, 1991-P.14

Book catalog; July, 1994-P.8 Books, care of; Fall, 2002-P.3 Book Fairs; Spring, 2004-P.3

Book Inventory, SHS; Fall, 2004-P.3 Borden, Gail; Spring, 2008-P. 2

Boulder, baseline monument; Fall, 2008-P. 8

Boy With the U.S. Survey, The (serialized); July, 1989-P.11; January, 1990- P.13
    July, 1990-P.13; January, 1991-P.13; July, 1991-P.13; January, 1992-P.10
    July, 1992-P.10; January, 1993-P.13; July, 1993-P.13

Braddock´s Rock; Spring, 2004-P.7 Bronze; January, 1992-P.8; July, 1992-P.8

Brown, A.: Unique Collection; February, 1998-P.14 Brunton´s Pocket Transit; January, 1990-P.14 Bubble Level; Fall, 2007-P.3

Buccaneer, Dampier; Fall, 2004-cover and P. 4 Buckner, Ben (obituary); Spring, 2005-P.8 Buddhist Monk/surveyor; Fall, 2005-P.2

Burt, William Austin
    Burt´s Border: Michigan/Wisconsin; Fall, 2002-P.7
    Outfitting a Surveying Company; January, 1992-P.5 Re-enactment;
    January, 1995-P.13
    School; Winter, 2003-P.3 
    “They Left Their Mark” (book review) ; Fall, 2004-P11 Bugs,
    computer; Winter, 2003-P.2

Bull Run; Spring, 2004-cover and P.4

Burke, James Lee-novelist/surveyor; Spring, 2003-P. Burke and Wills Expedition; Fall, 2008-P. 3 Butterflies; Spring, 2002-P.2

Byrd, William,
    “Histories of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina”
    (book review); Fall, 2000-P.7
    NC/VA Border; January, 1994-cover and P.4


    Hydrographic Humor; January, 1996-P.11
    Rectangular System; January, 1996-P.6 Canada Road; July, 1994-P.7

Canada/Idaho/Montana corner; March, 2000-P.8 Canada/ Michigan; February, 1996-P.8

Canada and butterflies; Spring, 2002; P.2

Canals, England; Fall, 2008-P. 2 Cartoon:
    Last PI of the Lost Traverse; January, 1993-P.12
    Rube Goldberg, January, 1990-P.14

Cartwright, Alexander, Father of Baseball; Spring, 2001-P.8

Cataloging Project: Surveying Archives, Artifacts and Library Collection; January, 1989-P.2; July, 1989-P.14

Chain, Gunter:
    Denny reproductions; January, 1996-P.3 history (general)
    January, 1992-P.11

Chairmen, SHS, former; January, 1996-P.3 Chamizal Tract; Fall, 2007-P. 2

Chandlee, Goldsmith compass; Fall, 2000-P.14

Charles Langelan (who?); August, 1998-P.3

Children, volunteerism; Fall, 2000-P.3 Chokoloskee; February, 1997-P.4

Chorobates; July, 1990-P.6

Civil War:
    Contemporary letter; Fall, 2007-P. 13
    Maps and Mapmakers (book review); Fall, 2001-P.4
    Surveying; July, 1991-P.4; January, 1992-P.13; August, 1999-P.4
    Theodore H. Barrett; Spring, 2002; P.5
    Topographer, Sneden; Spring, 2001-P.11, Michler; Fall, 2001-P.5

Clark, David D. (book review); February, 1998-P.10

Classic Instruments; July, 1995-P.3

Close to the Wind: The Beaufort Scale (book review); Fall, 2007-P. 11

Colles, Christopher, Survey of the Roads, 1789; Fall, 2001-P.6

    Edition, Membership Cards (introduced); July, 1993-P. 2,3,8
    Insuring; July, 1992-P.3
    Memorabilia; July, 1993-P.4
    SHS Books and Instruments; July, 1992-P.3

    John Wesley Powell, the River; January, 1990-P.6
    “Running the Colorado”; Spring, 2002-cover and P.4
    “The Last Canyon: (book review); Spring, 2002-P.4

Communists, Polaris (poem); August, 1996-P.11

    American Telescopic Vernier; July, 1989-P.10 Chandlee, Goldsmith;
    Fall, 2000-P.14
    Find true meridian;Fall, 2008-P. 13 Meneely; July, 1993-P.11
    Open-sight, A clinic; Cover and P. 4
    Solar: care and abuse; January, 1989-P.13 Wooden; January, 1996-P.7
    Wooden, Lincoln and Ingram; Fall, 2001-P.3

Compass/Chain; January, 1989-P.10

Computer, microchip, Jack Kilby; Spring, 2001-P.8 Condensed milk, Border; Spring, 2008-P. 2

    documents; March, 2000-P.
    instruments; July, 1999-P.6; January, 1992-P.13; August, 1999-P.6

Constitution; February, 1999-P.8

Collecting Memorabilia; January, 1990-P.3; July, 1990-P.3; January, 1991- P.3

Colorado River, Powell; January, 1990-P.6

Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska Corner; February, 1998-P.8

Compilation of SHS Equipment; January, 1994-P.3

Connections, Reflections on Our Profession; January, 1994-P.10

Connor Prairie Living History Museum; January, 1993-P.10; August, 1996- P.8

Cook and Peary; August, 1997-cover and P.4

Cows and surveyor: Saturday Evening Post; January, 1992-P.12

Cross-hairs, history; January, 1992-P. 11


Dampier, Explorer and buccaneer; Fall, 2004-P. 4 et seq Davis, Richard N. “Dick” (obituary); Fall, 2008-P. 8 Death, murder; January, 1994-P.12

Declaration of Independence; February, 1999-P.8

“Degrees of Latitude: Mapping Colonial America, 1590-1787” (book review); Spring, 2005-P.11

Delambre, Jean Baptiste; July, 1990-P.11

“Measure of All Things...” (book review); Spring, 2003-P.11 Denmark, expedition to Arabia; Spring, 2008-P. 6

Dent Dictionary of Measurement; January, 1996-P.3

Depression, CCC; Fall, 2004-P.14

Description, unusual; Fall, 2002-P.6 Detroit, Michigan
    early concepts of land ownership; Fall, 2006-P.6
    surveying, general; July, 1992-P13, erratum; January, 1993-P.3

Dewberry, Sidney D., Museum of Surveying and Engineering Technology;
January, 1989-P.4, July, 1991-P.2

Dividing engine; August, 1996-P.13 DMD; August, 1999-P.13

Doc Holliday; Spring, 2005-P. 13 Document conservation; March, 2000-P.6

Donnelly, Ralph (obituary); Winter, 2003-P.3 Drafting instruments-Alteneder; January, 1992-P.14

Dues exemption, New members (SHS); Fall, 2007-P.3


Earp, Wyatt; Spring, 2005-P.11

Education committee (general); January, 1989-P.3 Effigies, large native American; Fall, 2005-P.6 Egyptian surveying; July, 1989-P.7

Einstein, Albert; Spring, 2003-P.3

Eldorado Springs, Missouri; August, 1996-P.10, February, 1997-P.8, Spring, 2003-P.8

Ellicott, Andrew
    31st Parallel, Alabama/Florida; January, 1996-cover, February, 1999-P.7 
    “Andrew Ellicott: His Life and Letters” (book review); March, 1997-P.7
    Ellicott/Banaker-New York/Pennsylvania; August, 1996-P.8
    Fort San Estaban; Winter,2003-P.8
    Research project; January, 1996-P.10

Ellis Island, Whose Land...?; August, 1998-cover and P.4 El Paso, Texas; Fall, 2007-P. 2

Emmerich, Frederich J., instrument maker; January, 1994-P.14 Elgin, Bob-celebrated; Fall, 2001-P.8

England, Ordnance survey; January, 1992-cover and P.4 Eniac-sold at auction; Fall, 2000-P.8

Erie Canal; July, 1989-P.6

    medieval land ownership; July, 1993-P.3
    Struve geodetic arc; Spring, 2007-P.7

Everest, Sir George; July, 1992-cover and P.4, August, 1999-P.8
    book review; Winter, 2003-P.11
    “The Man and the Mountain” (book review);
    March, 2000-P.10, Fall, 2000-P.8 “
    Everything is Somewhere: Essays for Land Surveyors” (book review);
    Spring, 2005-P.11

Exhibits, general; January, 1991-P.3


15th Regiment; July, 1981-P.4, January, 1992-P. 13

40th Parallel, Baseline monument; Fall, 2008-P. 8 Fabric of America, The (book review); Fall, 2008-P. 10 Fairfax Stone; March, 2000-P.13

Fallasburg Pioneer Village; January, 1990-P.5 Faulkner, William; Spring, 2003-P.3

    Barbed Wire (book review); Fall, 2002-cover and P.10
    Wooden; Fall, 2007-P.6

    Ad Hoc Committee on the History of Surveying; August, 1997-P.10
    2002 meeting-SHS highlights and participation; Fall, 2002, P.3

“Fighting Kentuckian, The” – John Wayne; January, 1991-P.12

Fire Lands; Spring, 2008-P. 3

First Guide Meridian; Fall, 2005-P.8

Fishing fued; February, 1997-P.7

Fitzgerald, R.D.-Australian surveyor and poet; Spring, 2007-P.2

    Ellicott´s 31st parallel; January, 1996-cover and P.4, February, 1999-P.7
    South Florida surveying; February, 1997-P.4

Floyd, Sargent
    Monument to; Fall, 2004-P.3, Spring, 2005-P.3
    Passes away; Fall, 2002-P.12
    “Following in Their Footsteps: Land Surveying in North Carolina”
    (book review); Fall, 2006-P.11

Forest Service Humor (book review); February, 1997-P.6

Fort Clatsop Map; March, 2000-P.7

Forts Laramie and William, Wyoming; Spring, 2005-P.6

Fosbury (Dick), Flop, Surveyor; Fall, 2004-P.2

Fossils; Fall, 2008-P. 2

Frederick County, Maryland records; Fall, 2001-P.8

Freeman, Thomas; August, 1996-P.6

Fremont, John Charles – biography (serialized); starts: January. 1995-P.12
    July, 1995-P.12, January, 1996-P.12, August, 1996-P.12, February,
    1997-P.12, August, 1997-P.12, February, 1998-P.12, August, 1998-P.12,
    February, 1999- P.12, August, 1999-P.12, March, 2000-P.12,
    Fall (2000)-P.12, Fall, 2000-P.12, final: Spring, 2001-P.12

Fry, Joshua; March, 2000-P.3

“Full Steam Ahead” (book review); February, 1997-P.6


Garden of Eden; July, 1995-P.11

Gass, Patrick (journal serialized): see Corps of Discovery

Gauss, Carl Frederich; January, 1993-cover and P.4

Gentilz, Texas painter and surveyor; Spring, 2006-P.2 “Geodaesia Improved” (poem); July, 1989-P.10

Georgia (State)
    Anomolies and solutions; Fall, 2002-P.4
    Georgia Land Surveying History and Law-Cadle-P.1997-P.6
    “...Land Surveying History and Law” (book review)
    Fall, 2006-P.11 Surveyor´s poem (1843); Fall, 2002-P.13

Germany-C.F. Gauss; January, 1993-cover and P.4

Glossary, instruments; July, 1994-P.10

Goal for SHS; July, 1991-P.3, January, 1992-P.2

Goldburg, Rube; January, 1990-P.14

Goodman, John, surveyor´s ???; Fall, 2002-P.13

Good memory (story); July, 1990-P.4

GPS (mentioned); January, 1995-P.10

“Great Arc (The); The Dramatic Tale of How India was Mapped and Everest Was Named” (book review); Winter, 2003-P.11

Great Britain
    Hadrian´s wall; February, 1999-cover and P.4
    Ordnance Survey; January, 1992-cover and P.4

Greenville and Grouseland Treaty Lines; August, 1996-P.6, February, 1999-P.2, March,2000-P.3

Groma; July,1990-P.6

“Gulliver´s Travels”, Dampier; Fall, 2004-P.13

Gully pit lifter; July, 1989-P.12

    Chain; July, 1991-P.11
    Edmond; January, 1990-P.7

Gurley, W. & L.E:
    Condition of instruments; January, 1995-P.14
    History (brief); Spring, 2004-P.6


Hadrian´s Wall; February, 1999-cover and P.4

Hagger Compasses; January, 1991-P.14

Harper´s Ferry; Spring, 2003-P.3

Harrison, John – time and navigation; January, 1995-cover and P.4, January, 1996-P.8

Harvey, Robert, cover photo; Fall, 2001

Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph; July, 1991-P.9

Hawaii (traditional boundaries); Spring, 2008-P. 14 Hayes, John Coffee (Jack); Fall, 2002-P.2

Heliotrope; July, 1992-P.14, January, 1993-P.5

Heller and Brightly instruments, serial number index; January, 1991-P.11

Henson, Mathew; August, 1997-P11

Herstark, Curt; Fall, 2005-P.4,5

Hipp, Art (obituary); Spring, 2008-P. 9

Historical Markers (SHS); January, 1989-P.2

Historical Site Registry
    Article; July, 1994-P.6
    Fort San Estaban; Winter, 2003-P.8
    General references; July, 1992-P.2, January, 1993-P.2, P.8
    July, 1993-P.3, July, 1994-P.3, February, 1997-P.2, February
    1999-P.15, August, 1999-P.15, March, 2000-P.8, P.15
    Spring, 2002-P.15, Spring, 2003-P.3, Fall, 2004-P.15

“Histories of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina (book review); Fall (2000)-P.7

History of Surveying, FIG ad hoc committee; August, 1997-P.10

Hollywood; February, 1999-P.3

Hondius map; August, 1999-P.6

Hook, Robert, “The Man that Measured London” (book review); Fall, 2004-P.11

Hoop skirts, steel tape; Spring, 2004-P.8

Hopewell People
    Article; Winter, 2003-cover and P.4
    Exhibit; Fall, 2004-P.8, Fall, 2005-P.6

Hopper, Grace; Winter, 2003-P.2

    “Geodetic Diplomacy”; March, 2000-P.11 Hydrographic; January,
    1996-P.11 Jokes, pranks; Spring, 2001-P.3 Jungles; August, 1999-P.11
    “Phoenixiana”; Spring, 2003-P.13, Winter, 2003-P.13, Spring, 2004-P.13
    “The Point of No Survey”; August, 1999-P.11

Hunt, John and Map of a Lost Colony, 1607; Spring, 2001- cover and P.4

Hydrographic humor; January, 1996-P.11


Idaho, Montana, Canadian Border; March, 2000-P.8

Idaho, Washington Boundary; February. 1999-P.8

    A. Lincoln; Fall (2000)-cover and P.4
    Museum of Surveying; Fall, 2005-P.8
    New Salem Re-enactment; February, 1998-P.8
    Re-enactment; Spring, 2003-P.3

Indexing printed material; July, 1991-P.10

Index, Backsights (Summer, 1982 through July, 1989); January, 1990-P.10

    Everest; July, 1992-cover and P.4
    Lhasa Survey, disguised as monk, prayer bead tallies; Fall, 2005-P.2
    “The Great Arc...Everest” (book review): Winter, 2003-P.11

Indiana Affiliate of Surveyors Historical Society:
    Connor Prairie Living History Museum; January, 1993-P.10, July,
    1994- P.8, February, 1999-P.2 General news; July, 1993-P.10
    Michigan border; Fall, 2008-P. 3

Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors; July, 1991-P.8, July, 1992-P.8

Ingram, David-recognized for contributions to SHS; Fall, 2007-P.3

Initial Point, Louisiana Purchase; July, 1994-cover and P.4

Inman, Robert (remembered); Fall, 2008-P. 3

International-SHS banner in Ireland; July, 1989-P.12

Instructions, Surveyor General, 1819 and 1840; February, 1999-P.14

Instuments and makers, surveying:
    Ainsworth, William; January,1990-P.14
    Alteneder, Theodore; January, 1992-P.14
    American Telescope Vernier; July, 1989-P.10
    Authenticating; March, 2000-cover and P.4
    Azimuth (solar) technique with transit; Spring, 2002-P.14
    Blattner, Jacob compass; July, 1995-P.5
    Blunt; July, 1991-P.14 Brunton; January, 1990-P.14
    Bubble lever; Fall, 2007-P.3
    Burt; January, 1992-P.5
    Burt solar compass, school; Winter, 2003-P.3
    Canoe (book review); Fall, 2006-P.10
    Chorobates; July, 1990-P.6
    Chronometer; January, 1995-cover and P.
    Classic equipment; July, 1995-P.2
    Compass, wooden; January, 1996-P.7
    Computing engine; Winter, 2003-P.2
    Conservation; July, 1991-P.6, January, 1992-P.6
    Crude, homemade; August, 1998-P. 14
    Curta calculator; Winter, 2003-P.3, Fall, 2005-cover and P.4
    Dividing Engine; August, 1996-P.13, Fall, 2004-P.3
    Emmerich, Frederick J.; January, 1994-P.14
    Ewin, William; July, 1994-P.14
    Goniometer; July, 1994-P.14
    Groma; July, 1990-P.6 Gunter chain; July, 1991-P.11
    Gunter, Edmond; July, 1990-P.7
    Gurley, W. & L.E., condition of instruments; January, 1994-P.14
    Haggler compass; January, 1991-P.14
    Heliotrope; July, 1992-P.14, January, 1993-P.5
    Heller and Brightly; January, 1991-P.11 Insuring Spring,2001-P.14
    Jacob staff and tripods; January, 1996-P.14
    K& E; January, 1991-P.11
    K& E, special transit; Fall, 2006-P.8
    Labels, trade (in cases); January, 1993-P.6
    Lever, bubble or spirit; Fall, 2007-P.3
    Locke, John, hand level; March, 200-P.14. “Makers of Surveying
    Instruments in America since 1700”-update project,
    Ingram and Beeks; Fall, 2001-P.14
    Making of instruments; Fall (2000)-P.13
    Meneely; July, 1990-P.5, January, 1991-P.8, July, 1993-P.11
    Microchip; Spring, 2001-P.6
    Mine Surveying Instruments (book review); February, 1999-P.10
    Navigational tools of Dampier´s period; Fall, 2004-P.6
    Nomenclature; July, 1994-P.10
    Olivetti-Underwood calculator; Winter, 2003-P.6
    Perambulator; Fall, 2001-P.6
    Plummet lamp, J. Roach; July, 1990-cover and P.14
    Protection; Spring, 2001-P.14
    Railroads; July, 1994-P.14
    Ramsden; Fall, 2004-P.3
    Restoration; August, 1996-cover and P.4
    Saegmuller attachment; February,1997-P.14
    Saegmuller, George Nicholas; August, 1997-P.14
    Saint John, David and Benchmark Instruments; August, 1996-P.4
    Schmoltz, William A.; July, 1993-P.14
    Slide Rule; Spring, 2007-cover and P.4
    Solar; Fall, 2005-P.8
    Spirit level; Fall, 2007-P.3 Screws; Fall, 2004-P.3
    Sears and Roebuck advertisement; July, 1992-P.12
    Short history; January, 1989-P.10
    Solar compass, care and abuse; January, 1989-P13
    Steel tape, brief history; Spring, 2004-P.8 Tacheometry;
     August, 1996-P.14
    Theft; Spring, 2001-P.14
    Theodolite, lexicon; January, 1994-P.14
    Transit, evolution; July, 1995-P.14
    Unique collection; February, 1998-P.14
    Waywiser (illustrated); Fall, 2001-P.6
    Wooden compass, Ingram and Lincoln; Fall, 2001-P.3
    Young, William J.; July, 1994-P.14, July, 1995-P.14

Insurance Maps, Sanborn Map Co.; February, 1998-cover and P.4

Inventory, SHS Material assets; January, 1995-P.3


Jacob Staff; January, 1996-P.14

Jamestown, VA; Fall, 2006-P.3

Jefferson, Peter; August, 1998-P.3, February, 1999-P.3,13, March, 2000-P.3

“Jefferson Stone, The” (book review); March, 200-P.10

Jefferson, Thomas; March, 200-P.3, Fall (2000)-P.8, Spring, 2003-P.8

Jokes, pranks (humor); Spring, 2001-P.3

Judicial Functions of Surveyors, Cooley (excerpt); August, 1997-P.13

Jungles (humor); August, 1999-P.11


K & E Instruments
    Serial Number Index; January, 1991-P.11
    Special instrument; Fall, 2006-P.8

    6th Principle Meridian celebrated; Spring, 2007-P.8
    First Guide Meridian; Fall, 2005-P.8
    Oklahoma, Missouri corner restoration; Spring, 2005-P.14

Katrina, Hurricane: “The Unnatural Metropolis; Wrestling New Orleans from Nature” (book review); Spring, 2006-P.10

Kearney, James, Texas; Fall, 2002-P.14

    Tennessee Border, State Line GPS Committee; Fall, 2005-P.8 Wickliffe
    Rendezvous; August, 1997-P.2,3,6, February, 1998-P.2,3, August,

Kiley, Jack; Spring, 2001-P.6


Labels, trade (in instrument cases); January, 1993-P.6

Land Claims, preemption dodges; Spring, 2002-P.13

Land Ownership (editorial); July, 1993-P.3

Land Surveyors, essays for; Spring, 2005-P11

“Land We Share, The” (book review);Winter, 2003-P.10

Lane, Samuel (book review); Spring, 2001-P.8

Lapel pins (SHS) first offered; January, 1996-P.2

“Last Canyon, The” (book review); Spring, 2002-P.4

“Last PI of the Lost Traverse” (cartoon); January, 1993-P.12

Lawrence Line, NY/NJ; January, 1995-P.10

“Laying Down the Lines; A History of Land Surveying in Alberta” (book review) Spring, 2006-P.11

Lee, Dr. Henry, Forensics and Retracement Work; Fall, 2007-P.8

Level, Bubble or Spirit; Fall, 2007-P.3

Lewis and Clark, Corps of Discovery
    “...Across the Divide” (book review); Spring, 2004-P.11
    Fort Clatsop Map; March, 2000-P.7
    Gass Journal (serialized): see Corps of Discovery
    Harpers Ferry; Spring, 2003-P.8
    Monticello; Spring, 2003-P.8
    On the web; Spring, 2002-P.8
    Print offered (SHS); Fall, 2006-P.8
    Sargent Floyd monument; Fall, 2004-P.3

Lewis, Cliff, obituary; Winter, 2003-P.3

Library of Congress, Fairfax Line; Spring, 2001-P.8

Lincoln, Abraham:
    Bicentennial Scout Encampment; Fall, 2008-P. 8
    Compass and Chain; Fall (2000)-cover and Ps. 2,4,5,8
    Knob Creek Farm; Fall, 2001-P.3
    Logs to Logarithms; July, 1995-P10
    Newly discovered documents, cases; Fall, 2007-P.8
    Plat emerges; Fall, 2006-P.8
    Statue as surveyor; Fall, 2002-P.8, Spring, 2003-P.3, Winter, 2003-P.14

Locke, John, English philosopher and South Carolina; July, 1995-P.6

Locke, John, instrument maker, level; March, 2000-P.14

Logo contest (SHS); July, 1990-P.10, July, 1992-P.2

Lomax, Richard
    Obituary; January, 1995-P.8
    Remembered; January, 1995-P. 2

London Map Shops; January, 1994-P.6

“London, The Man Who Measured...” (book review); Fall, 2004-P.11

Longitude; Fall, 2008-P. 3

Longitude, time, Harrison; January, 1995-cover and P.4, January, 1996-P.8

Louisiana Purchase, Initial Survey Point; July, 1994-P.4 Ludlow, Isreal; August, 1996-P.6

Ludlow, William; see Captain Ludlow´s Report, 1878


    Canada Road;July,1994-P.7
    Popham, Lost Colony;Spring,2001-Cover and P.4

Makers of surveying instruments, American since 1700 update project; Fall, 2001-P.14

Malay archipelago; Fall, 2006-P.2

Manhole Covers,book review; February, 1997-P.6

Manassas Battlefield, restoration; Spring, 2004-Cover and P. 4

Mapping, surveying, general;July,1995-P.3

Maps, ancient (1603); August, 1999-P. 6 (book review)

Maps and mapmakers, Civil War (book review); Fall, 2001-P.4

Maps and Mapping (book review); Fall, 2007-P.11

Mapmakers, The (and Wilford); Fall, 2008-P. 14

Maps, preservation;July, 1991-P.3

Map shops, London;January,1994-P.6

Marsh, Daniel-obit; July, 1990-P.8 Marston

Camp, ACSM; February, 1999-P.8

Maryland, Frederick County records; Fall, 2001-P.8

Mason and Dixon:
    assessment of remaining stone maintenance; Fall, 2005-P.11
    book review; Fall, 2000-P.6
    first mention; February, 1998-P.8
    Spring, 2002-P.10, 11; Fall, 2005-P.10
    Walkin' the Line (book review); Spring, 2003;P.11

Mayer, Hohann Tobias; Spring, 2008-P. 6

Measure of All Things: Seven Year Odyssey and Hidden Error... (book review); Spring, 2003-P.11

“Measuring America...” (book review); Spring, 2004-P.10


Mecca; August, 1998-P. 11

Medicine Line, Arc of (book review); Fall, 2008-P. 11

Memorabilia, surveying;July,1993-P.4

Meneely Instruments; July, 1990-P.5, January, 1991-P.8, July, 1993-P.11

Mentoring; August, 1998-P.2

Mercator; August, 1999; P.6

Meridian, American; March, 2000-P.11
    Find with the compass; Fall, 2008-P. 13
    North American; Fall, 2008-P. 6
    Of Men and...; Fall, 2008-Cover and P. 4

    General; January, 1989-P.13 Length of; Winter, 2003-P.8
    “The Measure of All Things...” (book review); Spring, 2003-P.11


Miami River;January,1995-P.7

Microchip, Jack Kilby; Spring, 2001-P.6

    Agricultural College, Summer Camp; Spring, 2003-P. 14
    Benton, P. (honored); Winter, 2003-P. 8
    Dividing Engine; August, 1996-P. 13
    Early Concepts of Land Ownership; Fall, 2006-P. Indiana common
     corner; Fall, 2008-P. 3
    Justice Cooley; August, 1997-P. 13
    Museum Building Plans; Spring, 2004-P.14
    Museum recognized; Fall, 2007-P. 3
    Museum relocation; Fall, 2007-P. 3
    Museum of Surveying; January, 1990-P. 5; July, 1990-P. 5;
     January, 1991-P. 10
    Ohio/Michigan dispute; February, 1997-P.
    13 Rendezvous; Spring, 2003-P. 14
    State Origins (display); Spring, 2005-P. 3
    Three Generations of Surveyors; February, 1998-P. 13;
     Spring, 2003-P. 3
    Wisconsin/Michigan: Burt's border; Fall, 2002-P. 7

Michler, Nathaniel, Civil War Topographer; Fall, 2001-P.5 Midwest, square, rectangular system; July,1991-P.6 Mills, Anson; Fall, 2007-P. 2

Mine surveying instruments; February, 1999-P. 10 Minnesota, Theodore H. Barrett; Spring, 2002 Minnick, Roy (obituary); Spring, 2005-P.8

Mississippi Valley, ancient monuments; Winter, 2003-P.5

Missouri, Eldorado Springs;August,1996-P.10;February,1997-P.8; Spring,2005- P.8

Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma boundary; Spring, 2005-P.14 Montana, Idaho, Canada corner; March, 2000-P.8

Montana: see Captain Ludlow's Report, 1875

Monuments, Burntsen; Spring, 2006-P.14

Mosque; August, 1998-P.11

Mounds, Native American;Winter, 2003-Cover and P.4

Exhibit; Fall,2004-P.8 and Fall, 2005-P.6

Mount Vernon, celebration of opening of expansion; Spring, 2007-P.8

Movies; February, 1999-Pgs. 3, 11


Museum of Surveying, Relocation; Fall, 2007-P. 3


    Wallop's Island; Fall, 2001-P. 8
    Native Americans: Effects on surveys; Fall, 2002-P. 4
    Land Ownership; July, 1993-P. 3
    Landscape symbols, large effigies; Fall, 2005-P. 6
    Mounds; Winter, 2003-Cover, P.4; Fall, 2005-P.6
    Survey markers bewitch Indians; July, 1993-P. 12

Naturalist; Fall, 2006-P. 2

Navigational Tools of Robert Dampier's Time; Fall, 2004 Navy, U.S., Seabees; Spring, 2006

Nebraska, cover of Robert Harvey; Fall, 2001

Nebraska, Early Geodetic Surveys (book review); Fall, 2008-P. 11

Nebraska, first guide meridian; Fall, 2005-P. 8

Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado corner; February, 1998-P. 8

Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota-common corner; January, 1989-P.6

Niebuhr, Carsten (Karsten); Spring, 2008-P. 6

New Hampshire, Early Surveys and Retracement- Wilson, Woodfill and Lee; Fall, 2007-P. 8

New Hampshire, Samuel Lane (book review); Spring, 2001-P. 10

New Hampshire, mapping and exploring (book review); Spring, 2003-P. 10

New Jersey, antique surveying corner; Spring, 2003-P. 8

New Jersey, east-west line; January, 1995-P.10

New Jersey, New York dispute: Ellis Island; August, 1998-Cover and P. 4

New members, announcements;
    January, 1989-P. 8; July, 1989-P.8; July, 1990- P.2; January, 1991-P.2
    July, 1991-P.2; January, 1995-P.2; January, 1996-P.2; February,
    1997-P.2; August, 1997-P. 2; February, 1998-P.2; March, 2000-P. 2;
    Fall, 2000-P.2; Spring, 2001-P. 2; Fall, 2001-P. 2; Spring, 2002-P.3;
    Spring, 2003-P.11; Winter, 2003-P.11

New Orleans, “An Unnatural Metropolis: Wresting New Orleans from Nature
(book review); Spring, 2006-P. 10

New York, equipment display; Spring, 2004-P. 8

New York Life Insurance Co., 1954 Lewis and Clark poster ; Fall, 2006-P. 8

New York, New Jersey dispute: Ellis Island; August, 1998-Cover and P. 4

New York, Pennsylvania line; August, 1996-P.8

New York Survey Archives (partial); Fall, 2001-P. 11

New Zealand, survey pigs (humor); February, 1998-P. 11

Nigeria, Geographic Labors of Arewa (book review); Fall, 2004-P. 10

Nomenclature, surveying instruments; July, 1994-P.10

Measuring terms; January, 1996-P.3

North Carolina, “Following in Their Footsteps...”; Fall, 2006-P.11

North Carolina, South Carolina Boundary Report; August, 1998-P. 10

North Carolina, Virginia border; January, 1994-Cover and P.4; Book Review; Fall, 2000-P.7

North Dakota: David Thompson statue; Fall, 2008-P. 8 North Pole; August, 1997-P. 4

“Nothing Like it in the World ...”, transcontinental railroad (book review); Fall, 2002-P.10


    Expanding the Horizon; Surveying the American Frontier Collection
     on Display; Fall, 2004-P. 8
    Greenville and Grouseland Treaty Lines; August, 1996-P. 6
    Michigan Boundary Dispute; February, 1997-P. 13
    River, Hopewell Mounds; Winter, 2003-Cover and P. 4; Fall, 2004-P.8
    Symmes Purchase; January, 1995-P. 7
    University of Akron; Spring, 2004-P. 3; Spring, 2006-P. 3
    Virginia Military District; Spring, 2002-P. 6
    Western lands; Spring, 2008-P. 3

Oklahoma-Borders and Boundaries; July, 1989-P.4; August, 1999-P. 8 Missouri and Kansas corner restoration; Spring, 2005-P. 14

Old Bearing Tree (sculpture); January, 1989-P. 9; July, 1989-P. 13; January, 1990, P. 8; July, 1990-P. 8; January, 1991; P. 8; January, 1992-P. 8; July, 1992-P. 8

Olympics, Fosbury, surveyor; Fall, 2004-P. 2

    Black Fly Song; July, 1994-P. 11
    Butterflies, surveyors; Spring, 2002-P. 2
    Thomas Smith; February, 1998-P. 6
    Wolves; Spring, 2004-P. 2

Open-sight compass, a clinic; Spring, 2008-Cover and P. 4

Ordinance Survey, Great Britain; January, 1992-Cover and P. 4

Ordinance Survey (humor); March, 2000-P. 11

Oregon/Washington, Clarke; February, 1998-P.10

Oregon, Fort Clatsop map; March, 2000-P. 7

Oregon, Al White passes away; Fall, 2007-P. 8

Ostendorf, Lloyd; Spring, 2001-P. 2 and 8

Outfitting a Survey Company; January, 1992-P. 3


Painter, Texas, Gentilz; Spring, 2006-P. 2 Palimpsest; Spring, 2005-P. 3

Parole Evidence; Fall, 2002-P. 4 Parrot (humor); August, 1999-P. 11

Patents on Line; Spring, 2001-P. 8 Peary and Cook; August, 1997-P. 3

Pennsylvania Method (areas); August, 199-P. 13

Pennsylvania, New York; August, 1996-P. 8

Perambulator; Fall, 2001-P. 6

Philadelphia, small museums; Spring, 2002-P. 8

Phoenixiana (humor); Spring, 2003-P. 13; Winter, 2003-P. 13, Spring, 2004-P. 13

Pigs, survey (humor); February, 1998-P. 11

Pin Designs; January, 1990-P. 3

Planning, zoning; Fall, 2005-P. 3

Plummet Lamp, J. Roach; July, 1990-Cover and P. 14

    Georgia Surveyor; Fall, 2002-P. 13
    Polaris; August, 1996-P. 11
    Prelude; Fall, 2005-P. 13
    Rodman's Reverie; Fall, 2004-P. 13
    Song of Surveyors, 1730; August, 1997-P. 11
    The Road to Anywhere; Fall, 2005-P. 13

Poet, Australian, R.D. Fitzgerald; Spring, 2007-P. 2

Polaris (poem); August, 1996-P. 11

Popham, Maine, Lost Colony; Spring, 2001-Cover and P. 4

Popularity of History; Winter, 2003-P. 3

Porter, Fitzjohn; Spring, 2004-Cover and P. 4

Postcards, members, collectables; July, 1993-P. 2,3,8; February, 1998-P. 3; Spring, 2001-P. 3; Beeks commended; Spring, 2004-P. 3

Powell, John Wesley
    January, 1990-P. 14
    “Running the Colorado” (book review); Spring, 2001-Cover and P. 4

Practical Jokes; Spring, 2001-P. 3

Preemption Dodges; Spring, 2002-P. 13

Prehistory, American; Fall, 2005-P. 6

Preservation; January, 1991-P. 6

Prime meridians, many; Fall, 2008-P. 3

Prints, preservation; January, 1991-P. 3

Private Property-”This Land We Share ...” (book review); Winter, 2003-P. 10

Professional Surveyor Magazine; August, 1998-P. 13; Spring, 2004-P. 8

Property Dispute; January, 1989-P. 12

Public Land Surveys
    California; January, 1996-P. 6
    General; January, 1989-P. 10; July, 1989-P. 5; July, 1992-P. 6
    Greenville and Grouseland Treaty Line; August, 1996-P. 6
    Preemption Dodges; Spring, 2002-P. 13
    “Surveyors of the Public Lands in Michigan” (book review);
     Fall, 2001-P. 10

Putnam, Rufus; August, 1999-P. 14

Puzzle, John Thompson 1766 Gentleman's Diary; Spring, 2007-P. 13

Pynchon, Thomas; February, 1999-P. 6 and Book Review;  Fall, 2000-P. 6


Queensland Surveying (book review); Spring, 2008-P. 11


    “Full Steam Ahead ...”(book review); February, 1997
      Instruments, makers; July, 1994-P. 14
    Survey Camp Exhibit; March, 2000-P. 8
    Transcontinental, California exhibit; Fall, 2005-P. 8
    Transcontinental surveyors (book review); Fall, 2002-P. 10
    Rails and roads; January, 1990-P. 9

Ramsden dividing engine, screws; Fall, 2004-P. 3

Rare books; Spring, 2004-P. 3

Rectangular system
    California; January, 1996-P. 6
    General; January, 1989-P. 10; July, 1989-P. 5; July, 1992-P. 6

Reenactor's Forum; Spring, 2005-P. 15

Reference Materials; January, 1994-P. 8

Regional Museums; Spring, 2007-P. 3 Remington, Virginia; Fall, 2001-P. 3

Renaissance Surveying; July, 1992-P. 11; July, 1993-P. 11

    All to date; Fall, 2006-P. 4
    Announcement of first annual; August, 1997-P. 2,3 and 6 First mention;
      February, 1997-P. 3
    General guidelines and reflections-Woodfill; Spring, 2001-P. 13
      Proposal; Spring, 2007-P. 14
    1997 Wickliffe, KY: Ellicott; February, 1997; August, 1997; February
    1998 1998 Wickliffe, KY: Ellicott; February, 1998; August, 1998
    1999 Luray, VA: Fairfax Line; August, 1998, February, 1999, March,
    2000; Fall, 2000; Spring, 2002
    2000 Salem, New Salem, Illinois: A. Lincoln; March, 2000; Fall, 2000;
    2001 Texarkana: International boundary; Spring, 2001; Fall, 2001;
    Spring, 2002; Fall, 2002
    2002 Gettysburg: Mason and Dixon; Spring, 2001; Spring, 2002, Fall,
    2003 Lansing, Michigan: Surveying Camp; Spring, 2003; Winter, 2003
    2004 St. Joseph, Missouri: Lewis and Clark; Winter, 2003; Spring, 2004;
    Fall, 2004
    2005 Spokane, Washington: David Thompson; Fall, 2004,
    Spring, 2005; Fall, 2005;
    Fall, 2006; 2006 Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Morovians;
    Fall, 2006-P. 8;
    Spring, 2007-P. 3 2007 Westmoreland County, Virginia: George
    Washington Birthplace; Fall, 2006-P. 3 and 14; Spring, 2007-P. 8
    2008 Akron, Ohio: Birthplace of the Rectangular System;
    Fall, 2006-P. 3; Fall, 2007-P. 3; Spring, 2008-P. 3
    2009 West Virginia; Spring, 2005-P. 3

Research, general; January, 1992-P. 3

Retreat, suggestion; February, 1997-P. 2 and 3

Rio Grande River; July, 1995-P. 11

Riparian Boundaries (book review) Fall, 2002-P. 11

River and Lake Boundaries: Surveying Water Boundaries (book review); Fall, 2002-P. 11

    word origin; July, 1990-P. 7
    short history; Spring, 2003-P. 6
    survey of (Colles, 1789); Fall, 2001-P. 6

Robicheaux, Dave (novels); Spring, 2003-P. 2

Robinson Crusoe-Dampier; Fall, 2004-P. 13

Rock Castle; March, 2000-P. 8

Rod's Steakhouse; Spring, 2005-P. 2

Rodman's Reverie (poem); Fall, 2004-P. 13

Roman surveying; July, 1990-P. 6

Roman: Hadrian's Wall; February, 199-Cover and P. 4

Roosevelt, Franklin, CCC; Fall, 2004-P. 13

Russia, Polaris (poem); August, 1996-P. 11


Saegmuller (George Nicholas) Attachment; February, 1997-P. 14

Sanborn Map Company; February, 1998-Cover and P. 4

Sandhills, surveying the; July, 1990-P. 9 (advertisement)

Santa Fe Trail; August, 1996-P. 8

Satire: “Phoenixiana”; Spring, 2003; Winter, 2003; Spring, 2004

Saturday Evening Post, Cows and Surveyor; January, 1992-P. 12

Scheel, Eugene; August, 199-Cover and P. 4

Schmoltz, William A, instrument maker; July, 1993-P. 14 and January, 1994 P. 8

Screws; Fall, 2004-P. 3

Seabees; Spring, 2006-P. 6

Sears and Roebuck, 1908 advertisement; July, 1992-P. 12

“Seizing Destiny: How America Grew ...” (book review); Fall, 2007-P. 10

Septic Tank; January, 1995-P. 11

“Servants of the Map” (book review); Winter, 2003-P. 10

Sharing our collection (SHS); Spring, 2006-P. 3

Sipe, F. Henry; Spring, 2008-Cover and P. 4

Sixteenth Century Surveying; July, 1992-P. 11 and January, 1993-P. 11

Sixth Principle Meridian celebrated; Spring, 2007-P. 8

Slavery-”task” as area unit; Spring, 2005-P. 4

Slide Rule; Spring, 2007-P. 4

Small Towns, saving; Fall, 2001-P. 3

Smith, Daniel; March, 2000-P. 8 Smith, Thomas; February, 1998-P. 6

Smith, William; Fall, 2008-P. 2

Smithson, M.; July, 1990-P. 11

Sneden, Robert Knox, Civil War Topographer; Spring, 2001-P. 11

Soderberg, Bill (obituary); Winter, 2003-P. 3

Solar Attachment; July, 1995-P. 14

Solar Azimuth Technique; Spring, 2002-P. 14

Solar Compass, care and abuse; January, 1989-P. 13

Solar Instruments; Fall, 2005-P. 8

Song of Surveyors (poem); August, 1997-P. 11

South Carolina, early surveys; July, 2005-P. 6

South Carolina, North Carolina boundary report; August, 1998-P. 10

South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska common corner; January, 1989-P. 6

Spain, Ellicott's 31st parallel; January, 1996-Cover and P. 4

St. John, David-Benchmark Instruments; August, 1996-Cover and P. 4

Stargazer's Stone; August, 1997-P. 9

State Boundaries; August, 1998-Cover and P. 4

Steakhouse and surveyors; Spring, 2005-P. 2

Steel Tape; Spring, 2004-P. 8

Student competition (ACSM); Fall, 2002-P. 8

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Survey of Members; July, 1990-P. 14

Surveying, mapping: general; July, 1995-P. 3

Surveying, Reflections on Connections; January, 1994-P. 10

Surveyors Have a Great Advantage (a letter); Spring, 2008-P. 13

Surveyor General Instructions; February, 1998-P. 14

Surveyor General Rufus Putnam; August, 199-P. 14

Symmes Purchase; January, 1995-P. 7


Tacheometry; August, 1996-P. 14 Tallies, chain; July, 1991-P. 11

Task, unit of area; Spring 2005-P. 4; Fall, 2005-P. 8

Taylor, Elizabeth; August, 1999-P. 4

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Texas, El Paso, Anson Mills; Fall,2007-P. 2

Texas International Boundary; Fall, 2002-P. 14 Texas, Painter, Gentilz; Spring, 2006-P. 2

Texas Rangers; Fall, 2002-P. 2

Texas surveying; January, 1993-P. 14

Theft, instruments, protection from; Spring, 2001-P. 14

Theodolite, lexicon; January, 1994-P. 14

“They Left Their Mark... Burt...” (book review); Fall, 2004-P. 11

Thompson, David
    Bicentennial Committee; Spring, 2007-P. 3
    Bio; Spring, 2002-P. 8
    “Epic Wanderer...” (book review); Spring, 2005-P. 10
    Short History; Fall, 2005-Pgs. 3 and 9
    Statue; Spring, 2002-P. 3
    Statue; Winter, 2003-P. 3
    Statue in North Dakota; Fall, 2008-P. 8

Thompson, John,Puzzle in 1766 Gentleman's Diary; Spring, 2007-P. 13

Time, John Harrison; January, 1995-Cover and P. 4

Time, tradition; Spring, 2003-P. 3

Tombstone, AZ; Spring, 2005-P. 13

Topographic Engineers
    Civil War Michler; Fall, 2001-P. 5
    Sneden; Spring, 2001-P. 11

Tower, Bilby; Spring, 2003-Cover and P. 4

Trade labels; January, 1993-P. 6

Transit of Venus, Mason and Dixon; Fall, 2004-P. 8

Transits; July, 1995-P. 14

Triangulation; February, 199-P. 6

Tripods and Jacob staff; January, 1996-P. 14

Tri-State Corners (book review); February, 1999-P. 10

Trolley; January, 1990-P. 9

Troy State University; Winter, 2003-P. 8

Trumpet Line and other Survey Legal Gleanings; Fall, 2001-P. 4


Underwood/Olivetti; Fall, 2006-P. 14

Unique collection of surveying tools; February, 1998-P. 14

Units, in measurement; July, 1995-P. 13

Univac; Winter, 2003-P. 2

US Route 50; July, 1989-P. 9

US Survey; “The Boy With...” (serial); Begun: July, 1989, Last installment: July, 1994

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Uzes collection; July, 1995-P. 8


Venus, transit of-Mason and Dixon; Fall, 2004-P. 8

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Virginia, fishing fued; February, 1997-P. 7

Virginia mapmaker, Eugene Scheel; August, 1999-P. 4

Virginia Military District, Ohio; Spring, 2002-P. 6; Spring, 2005-P. 3; Spring, 2008-P. 3

Virginia/North Carolina boundary; January, 1994-Cover and P. 4; Fall, 2000-P.7

Voluntarism; Fall, 2000-P. 3


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Wagner, Feunel tacheometers; August, 1996-P. 14

Wales, Englishman...Up a Hill...Down a Mountain; February, 1999-P. 11

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Wallops Island (NASA); Fall, 2001-P. 8

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Wartime mapping and TVA; Fall, 2008-Cover andP. 4

Washington, D.C:
    Atlas; July, 1995-Cover and P. 4
    Boundaries; January, 1991-P. 4
    Four Corner Stones; August, 1998-P. 13
    Loss of control; Fall, 2005-P. 14
    Project; January, 1990-P. 4; July, 1990-P. 12;
    January, 1991-P. 5 Spring, 2007-P. 3

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    Document Restoration; March, 2000-P. 6 General; January, 1990-Cover
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Washington State
    and Idaho boundary; February, 1999-P. 8
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Wayne, John; January, 1991-P. 12

Wayweiser (picture); Fall, 2001-P. 6

Website: surveyhistory.org; March 2000-P.3

Western Lands, Ohio; Spring, 2008-P. 3

Western Reserve, Ohio; Spring, 2008-P. 3

Wheeler, Daniel M./Steel Tape; Spring, 2004-P. 8

White, Albert “Al” (obituary); Fall, 2007-P. 8

White, Charles Albert “Al” (obituary); Fall, 2007-P. 8

Wilderness Survey (book review); Spring, 2008-P. 10

Wilford, John Noble; Fall, 2008-P. 14

“Who Needs a Survey?” ; January, 1995-P. 11

Wild Heerbrugg; August, 1998-P. 3

Wire that Fenced the West; Fall, 2002-Cover and P. 10

Wisconsin/Michigan: Burt's Border; Fall, 2002-P. 7

Wolves/Flashlights; Spring, 2004-P. 2

Wooden Compasses; January, 1996-P. 7

Wood Fences; Fall, 2007-P. 6

Woodfill, Roger-named Executive Director of SHS; July,1993-P. 2

Wordperfect-Book Catalog; July, 1994-P. 8

World War II, cartographers; Fall, 2007-Cover and P.4

    for Backsights;July, 1994-P. 3; January, 1995-P. 3
    general; January, 1992-P. 3
    storytelling; February, 1997-P. 3

Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska common corner; February, 1998-P. 8

Wyoming, Footsteps and Facts...Forts Laramie...; Spring, 2005-P. 6

Wyoming Railroad Surveyor´s Camp; March, 2000-P. 8

Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska common corner; January, 1989



Yellowstone: See “Captain Ludlow's Report” Yemen; Spring, 2008-P. 6

Young, J. L. “Larry” honored; Fall, 2001-P. 3

Young, William J.; July, 1994-P. 14; July, 1995-P. 14


Zoning/planning; Fall, 2005-P. 3

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