Please join Surveyors Historical Society at Mobile Alabama this September 17-20, for the best national surveyors event of 2014 . . .
    . . . the RENDEZVOUS!
Help search for the missing "Mound Line" of Spanish Florida, set 215 years ago by Andrew Ellicott. It marked the 31st Parallel of Latitude, America's treaty border with Spain in 1795. We'll dedicate a plaque at "Ellicott's Stone" on the Old Spanish Line near Mobile.
In 1796 Andrew Ellicott had no permanent monuments, so he marked the lengthy US-Spanish Treaty Line with large earthen mounds every mile. Ellicott spent a good part of 1796 getting to Natchez (Paducah for instance). He spent nearly two years in Natchez, dealing with diplomatic issues. He actually began the survey in 1798. It was run during 1798-1799. Today, more than two centuries later, most of them have been obliterated by time, man, and nature. But they're not quite "lost".
At Rendezvous 2014 we're going to conduct a systematic large-scale search - the way surveyors do it - using coordinates and surviving evidence. We're hoping to recover more than 60-miles of Ellicott's original 1799 Mound Line. We urge you to join us.
The annual SHS RENDEZVOUS - now in its 19th year - has grown to become a premier national surveyors event in the United States. Each one is educational, affordable and fun. SHS membership is not required (but non-members can join cheaply for reduced member-rates.)
Hosted by Surveyors Historical Society and the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Rendezvous 2014 will take place this September 17-20. Headquarters for the event is the Admiral Semmes Hotel in downtown Mobile Alabama. Call 251-432-8000 for room reservations. Be sure to request our discount SHS Rendezvous Room Rate of $79 a night
PLEASE NOTE - Our low SHS hotel rate ends August 14. Reserve now. The hotel's normal prices of $106 a night and higher will prevail thereafter.
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. Register before August 15 and receive a discount of $25.00 (SHS Member Full Registrants only). On-site Hotel registrations will be accepted only if rooms are available. You can join SHS for $40.00 for the remainder of 2014 (use this fill-in membership form) to become a member and receive all member rates and discounts! If you would like to email this form you will find instructions HERE.
Every profession is founded on history, because all disciplines grow from early pioneering discoveries. The foundations of surveying --- mathematics, science, law, astronomy --- were developed long ago. Civilizations and nations were shaped by knowledge from land surveyors. Every Rendezvous is devoted to some part of this story. Surveyors Historical Society is an international organization dedicated to exploring, preserving and teaching the accomplishments of surveyors. Our events are international, not national only.
Andrew Ellicott's remarkable four-year survey of the Spanish Florida Line is one of those achievements. Please join colleagues from all across America, as we "Rendezvous" this September, down "on the line" in Tennessee. You are invited.
With highest professional regards,
Surveyors Historical Society
Here is the itenerary for the Event.
Visit the SurveyorsRendezvous site and Register HERE
You may also Register with this Fill-in, Print, and Mail form HERE

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